WebGL-Publisher Export for Revit 2014-2016

WebGL-Publisher Export for Revit 2014-2016

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WebGL-Publisher uses the WebGL-Standard which is supported by various browsers on different platforms and operating systems.


The exported models can be viewed in any WebGL enabled browser without additional software installation.


After installation WebGL-Publisher Export for Autodesk® Revit® 10 exports can be performed without a license.


The WebGL-Publisher Export for Revit license contains the permission to publish the needed infrastructure (JavaScript libraries and textures) in the Web as long as the possessor of the web site where the WebGL-Publisher model is published is the owner of the WebGL-Publisher license.


To publish Revit models to the Web the following steps must be performed:

  • A model must be opened in Revit
  • One of the WGP export commands must be clicked in the Add-Ins toolbar
  • The target directory must be defined in the export dialog where the export should be written to.

The WPG export must be started in an active 3D View.


The export includes:

  • Visible categories of the active 3D-View or the selected entity
  • Solids, Meshes, Lines, Polylines and geometric instances inside the section box

The export itself creates a wpm file (WebGL-Publisher Model) and a html file which displays the exported model.


In addition to that all needed textures and JavaScript libraries are copied to the target directory.

The generated html file can then be opened directly in a WebGL enabled browser.

To publish the model in the Web, the content of the target directory must just be copied to a web site.


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About This Version

Version 2.2.0, 9/7/2016

Release Notes for WebGL-Publisher Export for Autodesk® Revit® version 2.2

  1. Support of Revit® 2016
  2. Export of textures for geometry with a valid material id
  3. JavaScript features for product configuration
    1. Assemblies can be created out of partial models
    2. The components can be loaded in an asynchronous way
    3. The 3D data can be constrained with different shades, colors or materials
    4. For the usage of the product configuration an own license is necessary, local accesses and accesses via localhost can be used without a license
    5. Locators can be used for component positioning and camera views
  4. JavaScript enhancements
    1. The background image can be displayed unscaled
    2. Configurable angle of the viewer's head slope for the first person view
    3. Improved lightning
    4. Global brightness setting
    5. Possibility to restrict the rotation to horizontal movement
  5. Support of environment simulation via sky boxes (11 pre-defined sky boxes enclosed)


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  • not working
    Hui Qian | December 26, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I try to export, but it looks like taking forever. Is it because my file is too big?

    Richard Brendel (Publisher) | December 29, 2015

    Can you please send the Revit model for a test to info@cadmai.com and give us more information about the Revit version you use and the export command you have tried. Thank you We have checked the model and could not find a problem. The export took about 2 minutes. The exported model is around 10MB big. I have sent you the result in an email. I you have further questions please contact me directly at info@cadmai.com Best Regards Richard Brendel CADMAI Software GmbH

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