RAAPSII 2016:2021

RAAPSII 2016:2021




This application contains the following apps:

  1. Files Upgrader:
    1. Easily upgrade your Autodesk® Revit® Files old version to the current version.
  2. RoomLines:
    1. Create a boundary line from Room.
  3. Autojoin:
    1. Easily Join all Revit Elements together.
  4. Center Room:
    1. Center room Reference Point.
  5. WorkSet Assigner:
    1. Assign elements to the desired workset
  6. Align Legend:
    1. ensure all legends of the same type are in the exact same place in all sheets.
  7. Grid Dimension:
    1. Create Dimension for selected Grid Lines
  8. AlignTopo:
    1. Create Topo surface from the solid surface
    2. Align Topo surface to Solid surface:
    3. Align solid Surface to TooSurface.
  9. Renumber Elements:
    1. Tired of numbering each element, or fixing a sequence of numbers. try this tool.
  10. Clash Navigator:
    1. after doing interference check. export the report and open the exported file form this application. you will easily be driven to the clash location.
  11. PipeOpen: Creates an opening for any Duct or Pipe intersecting (Fully penetrating) Wall/Beam/Ceiling/Floor
  12. Clean up:
    1. Purge unused Hatches:
    2. Purge unused sheets:
    3. Purge unused View Templates
    4. Purge unused unload Links/Remove Links without Instances.
    5. Purge Design Options.
  13. Floor Generator: Generate Floors from any point in an enclosed boundary
  14. WallAlign: Align Walls Top and bottom to the Floor top and bottom face.
  15. CropMe: Crop Your View as easy as 2 clicks.
  16. Sheet Generator: Create Sheets in the inPlace from an excel sheet
  17. Nip Check: Draw a cloud around doors that violets the minimum space from an adjacent wall
  18. Open Cad: Open Linked Autocad File
  19. Beam Clearance: Checks if there is any Beam that does allow a 2200mm clearance


For a more detailed information please visit my website: https://moustafakh.wordpress.com/


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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About This Version

Version, 5/23/2020
V21.2 Fixed License Agreement display. Fixed Error Server Connection. V21.0 Stability and bugs are fixed as reported by individual users... Thanks for who take time for report. Autojoin now can join wall sweep ClashNavigator, supports markups on images speed and memory management is improved Registration bugs are fixed Files upgrader you can now upgrade any files in the trial version but with limited count at a time. Renumber fixed Renumber button collision with Exit button Revit 2017-2021 Compatible.

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  • Easy to Use
    Sulaiman Sherif | December 16, 2019 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Good tool for joining Hassle free. If you working in Workshared Revit Model. Make sutre no one is working otherthan you, when you start run this app. Ohterwise It will stop becuase of permission issues.


  • Great FREE package
    Tropic Design Studio | November 24, 2019 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Great package but guys PLEASE allow us to upgrade families that are in subfolders of the main directory.

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