Door Factory Preview 2016

Door Factory Preview 2016

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Create any hinge or double hinge door you want in seconds, without going into the family editor.

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The Preview Version has no expiry date but has limited functionality:  

Preview creates standard and curtain panel single and double Hinge doors for free. 

Premium version creates standard and curtain panel single and double Hinge doors,  Bi-fold doors (14 different configurations), Surface, Pocket and Contained Sliding doors (15 different configurations), Garage doors, Hatches, Stacking doors and even Interconnecting doors (i.e. for interconnecting hotel rooms).  

Both Preview and Premium allow you to create and add your own panels and handles.  

Premium allows you to add custom trim profiles and User components (Sills, Pelmets, Decorative moldings, overpanels etc.) and you can create your own. 


Summary of Preview Version features: 

Save time by creating doors as and when you need them, allowing you to stay focused on your design.


Create any kind of door as a standard door or a curtain panel door.


Create a huge variety of doors.


Add your own panels, handles, trim profiles and other components, giving you unlimited combinations.


Achieve consistency for all the doors in your project by re-using common components.


Edit and Save default values and settings for all doors including jamb, panel & trim dimensions, handle offsets and tolerances.


Elevation Swing indicators points to hinge or to handle to suit international graphic standards.


All Doors have built in Wall Alignment parameters that allow you to position the door within the wall. Align the Jamb (and or Panel were relevant) to the center of the wall, exterior face or interior face. You can also create + or – offsets from these alignments.


Doors have an appropriate level of detail allowing for fast manipulation of doors and a manageable parameter list.


Consistent and Logical naming of all parameters in all doors created.


Consistent shared parameters allowing them to be scheduled together easily and logically, including standard and curtain panel doors.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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About This Version

Version 16.2.6, 7/5/2018
16.2.6 Object Style materials glitch fixed 16.2.5 Parkwood panels arrayed components more robust Help file URL's updated 16.2.4 Panel alignment parameters for curtain panel doors with no jambs now work as expected 16.2.3 Different languages no longer hang at “Setting Parameters" 16.2.2 Double door secondary panel handles build method more robust. Door Factory dialog placement on startup now centred on screen. Stop jambs door stop depth works exactly as expected. (RevitWorks rebranded, Door Factory LITE now called Door Factory Preview)

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  • half of the screen is grey
    Fatih Aydemir | September 29, 2016

    Same problem with the above comments. Half of the program window is greyscaled and I can not do anything. Downloaded for Revit 2015. The link you have mentioned above for graphic settings is removed, missing.

    Alex Page (Publisher) | October 04, 2016

    Sorry - the way Autodesk does its links in these comments doesn't seem to work very well: I've informed them of this. Copy and Paste the link below including the ".pdf" part at the end into your internet browser: Note that we are currently working on a fix for this (its about dpi scaling used more commonly with higher resolution monitors) which should be available within a week

    Alex Page (Publisher) | October 30, 2016

    Please note that this problem has been resolved in version 16.2.0 onwards. Please download and enjoy!

  • Great software
    Stephen Goonawardena | July 20, 2016 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I really like this as I'm able to design any door the way I want. I really appreciate this type of design tools.. Its really great and its very easy to work with.

  • errors
    J besl | July 08, 2015

    i m having errors whenever clicking on 'Panel' tab. it says 'Count cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: count'. After hitting OK, these tabs will disappear. Any solution? I even can not maximize the screen too. I m using the latest (16.1.1) LITE version.

    Alex Page (Publisher) | July 08, 2015

    Please email as soon as convenient for us to investigate further

  • Doesn't work
    Aaron Vogel | June 19, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I have tried making a door several times and when I hit "build door", the progress bar stops about halfway through. Never got it to successfully build a door.

    Alex Page (Publisher) | June 30, 2015

    Aaron, sorry to hear about this: are you using the latest version? (16.1.1). Open up Door Factory, on the Start tab, go to "About" and "Check for Updates". This problem sounds like what happened to Sabina (comments below) which we believe we have fixed. If you are using the latest version, can you send as a support request to so we can investigate further? Regards

  • broken
    Daniel Jónsson | June 18, 2015

    half of the program is grayscaled an i cant do anything why? can i send too you a picture of it?

    Alex Page (Publisher) | June 18, 2015

    Daniel - this is a known issue documented in the "Read Help Document" above: Your display settings need adjusting slightly as per that document and also as per technical information down the right-hand side of our webpage: Hope this Helps RevitWorks Support

    Daniel Jónsson | June 19, 2015

    ok there it is. thanks.

    Michelle Nielsen | February 14, 2016

    mine does the same and the link dont work... What to doo ??

    Alex Page (Publisher) | February 15, 2016

    Michelle: the formating of the link above has meant the ".aspx" has dropped off the link. Cut and paste the link including the .aspx part and it should work. (Basically it just takes you to our website door factory page: easy to find at Alternatively, download direct following this link: Regards

    Alex Page (Publisher) | October 30, 2016

    Please note that this problem has been resolved in version 16.2.0 onwards. Please download and enjoy!

  • SLOW
    Sabina Rma | June 12, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Why it takes so long to create a door??

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