Batch Detach Models

Batch Detach Models



This tool is designed to detach multiple workshared or non-workshared models automatically and save them at the desired path, this add-in will save a lot of time in the project.


Users can run the app in Trial mode for 10 days until they receive the activation key.

To run the app in Non-activation mode, click on the Activate button from the Activation dialog after launching the app.

This will enable the app to run in Trial mode for 10 days 

Activation steps:

1. The user must send the request email with the username which is displayed in the license dialog box when clicked on the app, along with the payment receipt to:

2. Publisher will send the activation code to the user email within 24 hours.

3. Enter the received code and click activate to activate the app.

About This Version

Version 1.2.0, 4/6/2022
Add typing path feature

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