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Clashes manager is a plugin that allows specialists from different departments to fix collisions of their models with models from other departments. It processes a report from Autodesk® Navisworks® in .xml format and shows a list of all collisions in the plugin interface, thereby organizing collaborative work.


Main features:

  • Displays a list of all collisions from the .xml report in tabular form. The table displays the name of the intersection; the level at which the intersection occurred; the status of the collision (active, fixed, not a collision); and a field for the specialist to comment on the collision.
  • In the lower part of the window, you can visually see between which elements a collision occurred.
  • Possibility to comment collisions to pass them to specialists of other sections. Possibility to comment on several collisions at once
  • Creating a separate 3D with crossed elements by clicking the magnifying glass button.

About This Version

Version, 12/6/2023
- New filters - Improved logic of finding clashes - Updated to Revit 2024 version

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  • good
    Hakan Sevük | June 06, 2024 Verified Download (What's this?)

    hello, why am i getting this error?

  • Not Supported 2024 Version
    Myint Kyaw | September 25, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    IT need updated the version

    Eneca Technology (Publisher) | December 06, 2023

    Thank you for your review. Now it supports 24 version

  • question
    Cisp Pro | August 22, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    How do I add information about elements? I don't have any similar data about them in the report. And there is a mistake. For example: "Does not find the document in the report"

    Eneca Technology (Publisher) | August 22, 2023

    Well, it depends on the report you received. You cannot manually add information to elements. It's Navisworks that creates an XML report with information, and Clashes Manager that parses it. Perhaps you have a unique type of report that is parsed incorrectly. This might be the case if you have IFC elements from Tekla (for instance) intersecting with Revit elements in Navisworks. Currently, it only works with Revit files. There's a similar issue with not being able to find elements in the document. If the plugin doesn't have information about which document contains the element, it's impossible to find it on a view. Perhaps you could provide more details via our email, so we can delve deeper into the problem.

  • Excellent!
    Viktoryia Tumarava | February 26, 2023

    Designers love it! It became much more pleasant and faster to analyze reports and eliminate collisions.

  • Great job!
    Olga Pavarotnaya | December 08, 2022

    An excellent and convenient application that makes work easier.

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