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Tables is your perfect Autodesk® Revit® companion, an easy and familiar one stop shopping solution to boost your productivity in Revit. Simple, yet powerful!


Tables is a spreadsheet application deeply integrated into Revit - think of it like having the power of Excel inside Revit. It works bidirectional - which means that you can make edits in the spreadsheet and push the values back into Revit - and is 100% compatible with Microsoft Excel. With Tables you can not only create and format beautiful Excel spreadsheets directly from Revit and create templates that you can use for further projects, but you can also edit, structure, manage or compare your Revit projects. You can write information from your xlsx Tables file back into your Revit model and use the same logic for other projects.

Additionally you can use our SmartCreation commands to create levels, views, rooms and sheets with placed views with Tables, there will be even more in the near future so stay tuned!

We also added specific commands for BIM management and coordination tasks to help you stay on top of your data and be more productive. And all of this with the refinements that a modern xlsx-based spreadsheet application can offer you. This makes BIM really fun!

Tables will become your perfect Revit companion! Simple, yet powerful!




  • Create all kinds of Revit schedules and keep them synchronized (data & formatting)
  • Create SmartReports (one Element per worksheet) for easy room-programming and complex MEP or STR calculations
  • Use summary fields for creating simple dashboards
  • SUpport complex nested filter
  • Import Revit schedules, Key Schedules & Material take-offs with a few clicks
  • Manage your model, key schedules, sheets and revisions, warnings etc. easily via xlsx spreadsheets and in-place selection dialogs
  • Create unplaced rooms and spaces, levels, level based views and sheets even with placed views
  • Compare your model and visulize the changes
  • Dive deep into the Revit database for model checks and QA
  • Also: Use hundreds of Excel functions directly in Revit via Tables
  • Increase your productivity with the power of Excel
  • The live link between Tables and Revit gives you infinite use cases!


Tables: Spreadsheets inside Revit. And a lot more.


Tables works with Autodesk Revit 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 & 2017. English and German as well as French Versions available.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Trial Description

You can try our fully functional 30 days trial version for free and see what makes Tables one of the best all-in-one Revit Addin!

About This Version

Version 2022.2.1, 1/3/2022
New Features: - Advanced filter We have significantly improved our filter. Now you can create simple AND or OR filters, but also complex combinations of them if you want (check out the “Boolean algebra” article on Wikipedia to see the endless possibilities… ;) ) - We added units in table columns Units can now be set independently of the global settings - New Feature Parameters for every model elements: survey and project coordinates of location - New Feature Parameters for Family Instances: Mirrored and HandFlipped - New Feature Parameter: Number in Warnings (Special List) - New Feature Parameter: CompassDirection for FamilyInstances and Room Boundary Lists (Special List) - New Feature Parameter “North Arrow Image” for adding a true north arrow image to your worksheet (can be fine-tuned in the settings dialog) - New command for Smart Reports: Highlight the corresponding element of a report page in the model - New data sources: We added room parameter datasource for spaces (ARC <-> MEP Space) So now you can access the corresponding parameters - And finally: We added a close workbook command in our system menu, since you wanted it ;) Changes and Improvements: - When dealing with groups we now check the readonly status when applying changes - We have refined the filter type “Has Attribute” and added a new “Has Value” filter type. “Has Attribute” checks, if the given parameter is bound to the category; “Has Value” checks, if there is a value set to the given parameter - We added a checkbox "Hide unchecked Categories" to our categories dialog to give a clearer view of your selected categories. - There now is a shortcut to the settings dialog in the upper right corner right next to the Help- and Info-Buttons - Removed calculation attributes from the selection list for sorting or grouping - We added a button "Save As Preset" in Table Tools contextual ribbon tab in order to store your selected Table definition as a preset - We fine-tuned the “Element on Floorplan'' image settings and added the new option to select a filled region type to use as a “Marker” to highlight the given element. BugFixed As always, we have done a lot of housekeeping, thanks for your valid help and feedback: - Invisible column caused the critical error on updating columns - Fixed the logging error - Fixed the error when the element in the warnings has no category - Fixed the GUI error on copying to project - Fixed: ignore the parameters which cause exceptions when retrieving them from the given element - Fixed: Error occurred on refreshing a report - Fixed: No selection list in the creation list - Fixed: DemoImages in ReportPages are not removed

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Customer Reviews

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  • highly recommended!
    Bartlomiej Jaroszewski | January 20, 2022

    great tool with very useful functionalities

  • Excellent! One of the best, if not the best Revit <-> Excel tool out there
    Ryan Lenihan | November 28, 2020

    I've been using planworks for 3 years or so now and it has to be one of the best, if not the best Excel tools out there for Revit.

    Unlike other tools, there is no need to save to an Excel file if you don't want, you can manipulate your data and push it back to Revit without ever really leaving Revit. It has a "delete in revit" tool so that you can quickly audit and delete unwanted information from your model using the filtered data in Planworks. It has a "select in revit" function so you can create complex filtering/selection criteria based on what you have in the Excel window.

    I've tried pretty much all the Excel tools on the market, I used to refer to one of the other well known products as "the Rolls Royce of Excel tools" but tables goes above and beyond in functionality and I haven't used that other Excel tool in about 2.5 years.

    The team at Planworks are super responsive to email when you have a problem and they take on board ideas as well. 

    Highly recommended!

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