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Since the Autodesk Communicator was discontinued for the new Autodesk® BIM 360® Design platform, we're back to the most efficient means of communication in Westeros: Ravens...

"Raven - A BIM Communication Tool" is an Autodesk® Revit® communication tool that monitors the user's activity for the new BIM 360 Design platform, and enables users to send instant messages through a common conversation specific to the project they are collaborating in. In addition to BIM 360 Design, Raven also supports Revit Server, local workshared, and Nasuni hosted models.

It notifies the user instantly whenever a team member joins the active project, is no longer active, reloads the latest modifications, or synchronizes with the central file (check screenshots).

In addition, Raven can be configured to push Synchronize with Central notifications into a multitude of popular Web Meeting Platforms. Supported platforms include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams, Google Hangouts, Slack, and Flock.


It is crucial for every collaboration team so that they avoid overlapping synchronize with central operations which leads to hours of wasted time. In addition, it helps these team members communicate with their remote counterparts.


1. This tool needs to be installed on all of a team's systems so that all the team members' activities are properly monitored. An active user that hasn't installed this tool will not be shown as an active member and his activity will not be monitored.

2. In order to subscribe please visit our website: http://www.birdtools-developers.com/shop.html or contact us at info@birdtools-developers.com.

3. Company multi-seat licenses are available for a discounted price. Visit our website for more information: http://www.birdtools-developers.com/shop.html

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