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DWG Explorer 2016

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Life is too short for manually purging CAD files from your Revit model. With DWG Explorer (renamed to CAD Files Explorer since version 2019):


1.       You can instantly see all CAD files in your Revit project or family. These include DWGs as well as any other CAD file types Revit accepts such as DXFs, DGNs, SKPs or SATs. Each file will show if it is linked or imported, independent or view-specific. View-specific CAD files will show if they are still visible in their host views. If not, you know what to do!


2.       You can instantly select & show each CAD file in its host view, delete it, or list all views & sheets where that file is visible. The app can then instantly open each of these views & sheets and zoom to the CAD file in question for you.


3.       You can directly delete CAD file names that show under VG > Imported Categories which may still be there even after you have removed all their copies from the model. This is also the quickest way to delete multiple copies of the same CAD file from Revit.


4.       You can delete object styles resulted from someone exploding a CAD file in Revit. This will help reduce the negative impact of exploded DWGs on your model performance. These can be easily spotted in our report as their names follow the format [Original CAD file name].[CAD layer name].


See the app in action at https://youtu.be/xeAMukYTZxQ

For the complete app overview and user guide, please visit http://rv-boost.com/revit-plugins/dwg-explorer/

Have a try and get some valuable free time you surely can better spend away from your Revit screen!


Licensing options: You can use this app on either a monthly subscription or a one-month licence. For the latter, simply subscribe to the default monthly payment plan, install the app, and then immediately cancel your subscription. The app will then remain functional for 1 calendar month, at which point you can extend the subscription for another month by opting in & then opting out again. You can repeat this process as many times as you like.



Need even more information or features? Tell us at enquiry@rv-boost.com. Also, check out http://rv-boost.com/ for more Revit apps, families & tutorials to beautify your BIM!

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Version 2016.6, 3/20/2019
Bugs fixed.

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  • Good addin & customer service
    Katherine Tombel | November 20, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Needed to amend my subscription & the developers assisted very promptly. App runs well.

  • App does a great job
    Thomas Sutton | November 15, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I was skeptical at first but turned out it could find literally each & every hidden cad files in the model. I didn't even know there were that many of these in there!

  • Nice
    Michael Ipei | October 14, 2017

    Great app. Is there a version for Revit 2014? Some of my projects cannot be upgraded.

  • CAD-Buster :)
    Matthew Brown | June 23, 2017

    These ghost dwgs had been haunting my model for too long until I found this app. Good job guys!

  • 2015 version please!
    Peter North | June 12, 2017

    Works perfectly with my Revit 2016. Allows deleting dwg types directly from VG & Object Styles.

  • One happy BIM Manager
    Bim Cat | June 07, 2017

    Easy & intuitive to use , especially how it allows opening a good view to see a selected dwg from its report. The ability to see if view-specific DWGs are still visible in parent views is great for purging redundant ones.

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