Revision + Cloud Manager (Trial)

Revision + Cloud Manager (Trial)



Smart manage revisions, clouds, and sheets.


 Revision Cloud Manager:


  • Automatically find the corresponding sheet and detail number.
  • Export to Excel schedule.
  • Edit and update clouds in real-time.
  • Shows who is the last editor of a revision cloud. (need to install End User Assistant)
  • Minimize hours + check for drafting mistakes.
  • Only requires one person to install. Others use the "Comments" property for information input.


Revision Manager:


  • Manage sheets based on revisions.
  • Batch assigns revisions to sheets
  • Batch remove revisions from sheets.
  • Save sheets as print sets.
  • Export sheet list with revision schedules to an Excel file. 

Trial Description

The trial version limits the number of revisions, clouds, and sheets to be shown.

About This Version

Version 1.24.0, 11/8/2023
- Support Autodesk® Revit® 2024

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  • Limitation in Trial
    Hitesh Panchal | November 15, 2022

    We have installed trial version of this application, however we have limitation of that, so is there possible we can full access to review the application for 7days?

  • Revit 2018
    Daniel Petrin | June 05, 2017

    Hi, Will be available to Revit 2018? When? Tks.

    Liyi Zhu (Publisher) | June 07, 2017

    Yes it will be available for Revit 2018 in the next update. Hopefully within this month.

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