Rename Elements


Automatically rename Door, Window, Column, Text Note, Model Text, Filled Region, Dimension and Spot Dimension Family Types using specified naming structure.

This Add-In will save time and help to organize your Autodesk® Revit® files.

Every time you make a new or duplicate an existing Family Type just change the properties and click the Rename button and the Family Types will be renamed automatically. 
You can set the shortcut, for example RNM for the Rename command to rename Family Types even faster.


For example, new names will be:

Doors: DO1 Ext 1000mm x 1000mm ... Suffix Text
Windows: WIN1 1000mm x 1000mm ... Suffix Text
Text Notes: 2mm Arial Black Italic Bold Underline Opaque Border ... Suffix Text
Model Text: 2mm Arial Red Italic Bold Underline ... Suffix Text
Dimensions: 2mm Arial Black Italic Bold Underline Opaque Border Diagonal 2 Center ... Suffix Text
Spot Dimensions: SpotBase 2mm Arial Red Italic Bold Underline Opaque Border Arrow Inline Elevation ... Suffix Text
Filled Regions: Vertical-small Blue Wood Green ... Suffix Text


You can choose which parameters to include in a new name, what units and unit symbols to use and write a suffix or prefix that will be added from the existing element name.
For example, if the existing Text Note name is Arial...Schedule, the new name will be 2mm Arial Black ... Schedule

Before renaming you will see a dialog that shows how many Elements will be renamed and if there are any naming errors.

You can specify naming options and choose Categories that will be renamed in Settings.

  • Name cannot contain these characters \ : { } [ ] | ; < > ? ` ~
  • Name can contain these characters / ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + , . -

About This Version

Version 2.3.5, 8/31/2023
Fixed issues with Leader Arrowhead naming. Fixed Help links.

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