Smart Schematics

Smart Schematics



Create a 2D schematics from your 3D model. 

A 2D diagram of a 3D model is always the easiest and quickest way to check your design.

With Schematic Tools, you can quickly create a schematic from Autodesk® Revit® models by just selecting the first piece of the system. 


You can check the flow quantity or duct velocity of your system by using this tool. The app will read the flow quantities from the air terminals and add them up through the duct system. 

The app also allows you to change model parameters through the schematic.  

You can also show the flow arrows on the schematic and get the app to place the arrows for you on the 2D view. 

By exporting the excel schedule of the ductwork system, you can calculate the pressure loss of the system. 

Trial Description

You can activate your 30 day trial through Revit. 

About This Version

Version, 6/13/2023
- Pipework system supported now for open loop systems -Fabrication parts supported now - Reported bugs in creating schematics fixed

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