Control area reinforcement

Control area reinforcement

ЧП "Ар-Кадия"



Add-in compares the actual area reinforcement (floors and walls) and required reinforcement obtained in the program Autodesk® Robot® Structural Analysis.

Verification of the actual reinforcement with this add-in can be performed after importing the required reinforcement from Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis only.

The results of the comparison are available in the form of isopoles or text values.

The red color of isopoles indicates on the parts of the plate where there is not enough reinforcement or the element does not contain area reinforcement.

To analyze the reinforcement of a single element (or elements), you must select the desired element and then start the add-in. You can choose: an element, its analytics or area reinforcement. Then the results will be displayed only for the selected element (s).


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Version 4.0.0, 6/19/2018
New version for checking area reinforcement in Revit.

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