Family Size Reporter

Family Size Reporter

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A simple app that reports the file sizes of loadable Families in an Autodesk® Revit® Project. The resulting report is grouped by Project Category by default. You can choose to remove the grouping and sort the list of families by Family Name or File Size on disk (in Kb).


Why do you need this App? If you find that your project is slowing down and suspect that some families may have been over-modelled, you can use this App to identify these families quickly. While File Size is not a definite indicator of performance, it is an easily understood metric. In a large project, there may be thousands of components. How does one find the sizes of the individual families? One solution is to save all the loadable families into a folder and then compare their sizes using windows explorer. This App is designed to automate this process and present the information without having to manage the individual family files using Windows Explorer or saving them out for that matter.

This App is part of a series of Apps 'RUTILITIES' by the same publisher.

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Version 2.1.1, 10/25/2017
Big fixes to avoid crashes when creating xml libraries in very rare cases.

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  • Great tool to have
    Nauman Mysorewala | October 04, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Pulls out a lot of Imported stuff to the front!. If you have a large file, it is slow, which is understandable. It does crash on 2017 if you try to write the Project XML file

  • very good tool
    sam star54 | May 12, 2016

    this is very good tool but it needs to enable report export to excel sheet

  • Good BIM Model Coordination tool
    Joaquim Agostinho | December 14, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    this tools enables you to quickly check for families that might be contributing to a large model file size.

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