123 Search (Trial Version)

123 Search (Trial Version)

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123 Search provides powerful and flexible ways to search, explore and interact with model elements and data objects that exist in a model database.


Here is a list of just some of the things you can do: 

  • Schedule elements that are not available using Autodesk® Revit® schedules
  • Versatile filter
  • Explore and gather useful model data that are not exposed by Revit parameters or Dynamo
  • Batch-edit elements in a table view, or using Excel spreadsheet
  • Show preview images of family types
  • Key schedule that allows shared parameters
  • Spell check all textnotes, all dimensions with text override, and all other text values that are available in the model database
  • Clean up model elements in legend views, as well as in other hidden places


123 Search Blog Post has a more complete documentation.

Trial Description

Trial version limits the number of elements appear in search result.

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About This Version

Version 1.21.0, 6/10/2020
- Support Revit 2021

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