RushForth Tools 2016

RushForth Tools 2016

RushForth Projects



A collection of time-saving tools that have saved hundreds of users thousands of hours by automating tasks and simplifying workflows.




● Save hundreds of hours

● Link Autodesk® Revit® to Excel

● Manage shared parameters

● Extract Excel data or draw table formatting as drafting view

● Facilitate 3D section creation

● Automate project view and sheet setup

● And much more!




● Perform advanced filtering of elements by parameter or property values 
● Synchronize element data with Excel for advanced manipulation, concatenation, and calculations 
● Find and replace text in parameter values 
● Edit Key Schedules using Excel 
● Purge categories or filtered selection out of a model 
● Insert existing views onto existing sheets by specifying a sheet number in Excel 




● Instantly make families compatible with standard schedules and tags by simply selecting your preset parameter list 
● Import/Export shared parameters to/from families or projects 
● Review existing project schedules and automatically add missing shared parameters to scheduled elements
● Batch process multiple families 
● Make downloaded content be compatible with any of your preset schedules 
● Convert existing family parameters to shared parameters that can show up in schedules and tags




● Link parameter values between elements and between linked models 
● Link detail items on a Revit Diagram to the floor plan equipment they represent 
● Link non-schedulable parameters and properties to parameters that can be scheduled or tagged 
● Allows non-licensed users to access the tool and maintain existing links in smart models without having to purchase the software




Import Excel tables into Revit drafting views preserving fonts and formatting 
● Manage and update imported Excel tables




● Quickly create a 3D view for a selected region, selected elements, selected level, or the ceiling space of your current level 
● Show all elements and worksets by default for quick coordination and visualization




● Automatically create views and sheets based on the number of levels in your project and your templates

● Create dependent views from scope boxes or matching settings in a linked model

● Copy elements from linked model: Title blocks, scope boxes, match lines, true north, etc.

● Create unplaced rooms or placeholder sheets from Excel lists

● Automatically place new or existing views onto desired sheets

● And more!




● Automatically place element instances on the walls, ceilings, and floors of multiple spaces in the chosen directions (up, down, left, right, ceiling, floor) 
● Automatically place element instances around the perimeter of selected spaces at desired intervals 
● Move selected elements to the closest wall, ceiling, or floor 





● “This tool is amazing. I use it for so many things. By far the best app for Revit I've seen. You will make back the money you spent on it the first day you use it. -Frank Moradiellos, ADD Inc 

● “I love this program and if you don't love it then you haven't learned what it can do! -Jason Seagle, HDR, Inc 

● BRILLIANT!! Absofreakinlutely brilliant time saver! -Christopher Leachman, COWI 

● “We have used this on a new 60 000 seated stadium to manage all the piling loads (over 4000 piles). It has saved weeks!" -Nick Lancaster, BG&E Australia 

● “Your toolkit is absolutely terrific, and should be required by law.” -Peter Lawton, AEI Engineers 

● “RF tools have practically been my right hand over my last year of Revit use. The Parameter Transformer is worth its weight in gold! -Darrell Warmsley, tk1sc 

● Best add on for Revit out there.” -Nigel Challis, Buro Happold Ltd 

● “They are a real timesaver, and we keep recommending it to our colleagues.” -David Pezzi, Fenwick Iribarren Architects 

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Version 1.0.2, 4/12/2016

Project Setup Tool Enhancements.

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  • Invaluable
    Christopher Sampson | November 03, 2016

    The first time I used this tool I was able to get three days worth of work done in a little more than an hour. Using it that one time more than made up for the price. Since then I have come to rely on it nearly every time that I open Revit. The multitude of features included help with every phase of a Revit project across multiple disciplines. Rushforth Tools helps me keep my Revit projects under budget and on time.

  • Great!
    Danil Poletavkin | March 24, 2016

    It's great app, excel import/export works perfectly! Thank you!

  • Thumbs Up
    Jacob Attardian | November 19, 2015

    This app is great. Have saved me incredible amount of time, importing coordinates from CAD files and relocating 1000s of items accordingly in minutes. Exporting detailed schedules for estimators. etc. etc. I highly recommend it!

  • Pays for itself in about 12 minutes
    Peter Lawton | October 30, 2015

    Once you understand how powerful this tool is, you will see whole new ways of leveraging previously 'locked-up' Revit data to which Mr. Rushforth has provided some awesome keys. At LEAST try the product - you will most likely end up buying it.

  • Can't live without it!
    Dwight King | October 22, 2015

    Within the first few months of using this tool, I have come to rely on it heavily for everyday tasks. The project setup and manager tools, alone, are a vast time saver in automating Revit project setup. The resourcefulness of many of the additional tools, including the parameter transformer makes editing parameters for large scale project easy. I can easily go on and on for each add-in that is within this toolbar but it would too wordy and nobody has time for that! In my opinion, do the 30 day trial and see how useful and powerful it is. I HIGHLY recommend this toolbar for multiple discipline applications.

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