Bulk Upgrader

Bulk Upgrader




Using this app, you can upgrade multiple Autodesk® Revit® Projects (*.rvt), Templates (*.rte) or Families (*.rfa) to the most current version. Excludes Workshared Projects.


In addition, it can duplicate folder structures, copy projects and families to new destinations, add prefix and suffix, and replace parts of names.


You also have the option to audit files during the upgrade process and delete backups from the destination folders.

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Version 1.2.0, 2/28/2020
Update for 2021

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  • Great time saver
    Pieter Fourie | February 04, 2020 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Friendly add-in, saves one loads of time and provides various options, eg. upgrade in current location, or create back-up files, etc. It's especially helpful to batch update custom families. It's a pity I haven't had this years ago.

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