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AnnoEight is a Plug-In for Autodes® Revit® that will help generate textnote on your drawings based on the elements in the view. It will generate annotations based on the element type or instance comment that you set and align it to the side of the cropbox on both side depending on the position of the element.

It works for all 2D views, Plans, Elevations, Section, Drafting & Reflected Ceiling Plans and at any scale or orientation of the view. It works best for enlarged/part Plans but it does works for all views.


A Simple, FastEasy-To-Use plug-in to help your productivity & efficiency workflow. It will help the user to save time manually annotating each drawings in their project, considering a project could have thousand of drawings needed to be annotated. 

  • Creates Text Note based on annotation you set.
  • Generates 150+ Text Note under 60 Seconds.
  • Generates 700+ Text Note under 4 minutes.

About This Version

Version 1.01, 9/5/2023
Initial Release.

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