Sketch-tag reinforcement

Sketch-tag reinforcement




This add-in creates tags for reinforcement in the form of sketches. The sketch-tag contains a standard rebar drawing with the lengths of straight segments of the bars. The sketch-tag is oriented taking into account the real position of the bar on the current view. Sketches-tags are placed around the existing conventional annotations or around the rebar.


In this trial version, sketching is available for several shapes of reinforcement. You should use the example file which, after installation, can be found in the folder ... Users \ Public \ Documents \ Autodesk \ Downloaded Content \ Ar-Cadia \ SketchReinforcementMini \ SketchTagDemo.rvt.



Note. This application uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


Trial Description

The add-in is delivered as a trial version with an example file. The functional version of the program is the same as the trial version. But for full-fledged work, it is necessary to create custom families for all reinforcement shapes used in the project. To develop these families should contact the development team.


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About This Version

Version 6.0.0, 9/13/2021
Version for creating sketches of reinforcement as tags.

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  • Final version
    ali maher | September 27, 2019


    how can i get the functional version and how much cost, how much cost to create or download more rebrs shaps and families.

    thank you

    Ирина Андрущенко (Publisher) | May 05, 2020

    Hello. Sorry, but your message was missed for us. If this application still interests you, then send us a template with rebars shape ( We will look at the scope of work and discuss the final solution.

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