Drag Drop Interface 2023

Drag Drop Interface 2023

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The Software.

  • Is intended to simplify “content load and insert” into Autodesk® Revit® models.
  • Combines drag and drop from “Project Browser” with “Load Family” from Revit ribbon into one interface.
  • Features content list filter and sorting functions.
  • Features memory buttons with your stored favorite content folders.
  • Displays preview images and selected content data.
  • Could be docked in the work area.


This software is developed and tested in Revit 2023 on Windows 10, 64-bit only.


The Interface.

The Drag & Drop Tool consists of various list views, filter boxes, store buttons and information areas.
The Family Type List 
is populated with current model content.
The Family List is populated with content (.rfa) found in the currently selected folder.
The Category List could be collapsed or expanded to improve readability.
The information area will show selected family preview images and simple symbol data.

About This Version

Version 2023.22.05.01, 4/29/2022
2023 Drag and Drop Interface Version

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