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Every Autodesk® Revit® user has been faced with a situation of emergency shutdown and loss of data at some point. No one wants to lose time and work done. This inspired us to create the "R AutoSave" application - auto-save for Revit!

The main task of R AutoSave is to minimize the loss of data.

You just need to install R AutoSave, set the auto-save interval and that's it!

Examples of use.

Normal work.

For example, you specify an interval of auto-saving of 5 minutes. This means that R AutoSave will automatically save your project every 5 minutes (completely without your participation).

You can still make a "manual" file saving (the "Save" button) when you need it.

The backup files created during the "manual" saving (files like "Project Name.001.rvt") will be stored by default in the "Backup" folder in the project directory.

Emergency shutdown.

After an emergency shutdown start Revit, and then open the file. A dialog box appears with options for restoring the file. Select the option you want and you will restore the file.

Closing a file without saving.

If you want to close a file without saving the changes you have made, just do it as usual. Changes (including all automatic saving) will not be saved, only standard "manual" save will be saved.


R AutoSave works with the following file types:

  • Project files (RVT)
  • Local copies of central file (RVT)
  • Revit Family (RFA)
  • Project Template Files (RTE)

More information about R AutoSave is available on our website

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About This Version

Version 1.4.2, 6/30/2017
Fixed errors associated with rollback when manually saving Added option to save AS $ files in the options panel 1.4.0 Original release

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  • Previous backup files are deleted
    Gary Fields | August 28, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Please update the app to prevent automatic deletion of backup project files which were saved before installation of the app.

    Dmitry Chubrik (Publisher) | September 06, 2017

    To do this, increase the number of backup copies of files in the settings.

  • No Autosave on Exit
    Gary Fields | August 28, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Please update the app to prompt for manual save on exit, which is otherwise overridden by the app.

  • autosave
    Daniel Voinkov | July 18, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Razdel gde nahoditco soft AutoCAD&/ update super!!

  • be careful!!!
    David Keller | July 08, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    If you forget to save changes before you close your file, you won't get a warning dialogue asking you to save. Revit file will revert to last saved version. pretty dumb on my part, but I just lost 4 hours of work thinking that my autosaved file every 5 minutes had me covered. Seems like a useful app overall, but dangerous!

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