It’s a Bundle of 3 powerful tools (Browser, Links Manager & Schedule Manager), developed by Singularity AEC, to boost your productivity, manage your whole model, and get your job done in no time, with just a few clicks, all in one interface! 



Save your workflow time in Modeling, Visualizing, Auditing, and more.

Browse and navigate through model components, views, and sheets. 

Easily update associated data with enhanced filtering power. 


Links Manager:

Manage, audit, and update all model links (Rvt, CAD, IFC, PDF, Image, ..)  globally. 

Saves time in linking and re-linking tasks, especially in complex projects.


Schedule Manager: 

Friendly interface to manage all the schedules and update parameters instantly.

Export the schedule to Excel, and import it back.

About This Version

Version 1.0.0, 2/23/2024
Initial Version.

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