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BIMicon Toolbar for Autodesk® Revit® has been designed for professionals in the AEC industry to quickly document and coordinate construction drawings. 


Among the many tools that help with the most common tasks are:


  • Create interior elevation markers by selecting rooms and place the newly created views on sheets. It will completely remove the tedious task of manually placing interior elevation markers and dragging these views onto sheets.
  • Create floors following room boundaries, allowing to instantly create floor finishes.
  • Number family instances sequentially following a selected curve; parking spaces, rooms, or any family instance with a parameter. Never again number them manually one by one!
  • Number doors and windows after room numbers. In a few clicks, you will number all doors and windows after a standard naming system. The benefits are a coherent drawing set, and doors and windows can be easily identified in schedules.
  • Create an Excel table with all the warnings classified in order of importance. It allows team members to focus on critical warnings that affect the integrity of the documentation and the performance of the model instead of trying to fix all trivial warnings.


There are many more useful tools in the toolbar. Please check the documentation page for more information.


Thanks for looking for better ways to extract value from BIM.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Version, 6/24/2021
- Added create Floor Finishes from Rooms tool - Interior elevations tool is language independent - Duplicate sheets tool appends copy at the end of views and sheets - Number by Spline tool can rename Viewports and allows level independent elements

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