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Ideate StyleManager addresses the challenges that arise when Autodesk® Revit® users load or import content into the model because the corresponding styles automatically come with the content. Proper management of these styles reduces publishing errors and end-user confusion, but the management process in Revit can be time-consuming and risky. Errors can dramatically impact the models and production documents so effective management is critical.


Use Ideate StyleManager to:

  • Safely delete styles that otherwise cannot be deleted or purged in Revit software 
  • Merge non-standard styles into standard styles 
  • Forensically analyze the usage of all styles to understand the true scope of a deletion 
  • Clean up Object Styles, Line Styles, Line Patterns, Filled Regions, Fill Patterns, View Filters, Viewports, View Templates, Scope Boxes, Materials, Text, Dimension Styles and Arrowheads 
  • Quickly isolate duplicate line styles, filters, dimensions and other styles to merge into your approved standards

This solution is also available in Japanese, Spanish and French.

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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Trial Description

This 14-day trial allows the user to experience the analyze, rename, merge, and delete functionality of Ideate StyleManager within the Line Pattern, Material and Material Appearance Asset styles. Access to Object Styles, Line Styles, Line Patterns, Fill Patterns, Filters, View Templates and Scope Boxes is enabled with a paid subscription which can be purchased from

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Version 2022.0 (2.1), 7/2/2021
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  • App Price
    Ahmed Haroun | December 13, 2020

    Very expensive app to a subscription , however it really does alot 

  • Must Have
    Ann-Helen Wirtz | January 22, 2020

    After cleaning up a library of 1000+ families I can safely say this tool is a must have - saved me many days of work, if not weeks! Not sure how I would have kept my sanity without it

  • A Revit Mechanic
    Pete Heibel | December 31, 2019

    This is a great tool for getting under the hood and cleaning up a file as most of your model maintenance can be achieved within SyleManager's neat and intuitive interface.

  • Another Winner from Ideate
    Rusty Gesner | August 12, 2019

    If you've ever had the frustration of searching and drilling down to figure out if and where any of these styles are used, or making sure that there won't be collateral damage if you modify a style, or cleaning up the mess someone made by importing and exploding a DWG, or trying to combine duplicate styles, you'll save a lot of time and ensure that your efforts at cleanup and maintaining standards don't cause any inadvertent side effects. 
    You can't go wrong with Ideate Software add-ins -- Ideate sets the bar for quality as well as responsive support, so check out their other tools for Revit.
    They are also easy to deploy, manage and update and Ideate offers concurrent network licensing using the same license manager as Autodesk. 

  • The Magic Button
    Thomas Whitehead | August 01, 2019

    Well maybe not magic but when you're deep diving into the guts of a file cleaning linestyles, line patterns, fill patterns, materials OH MY.  Where did this random sub-category come from?  Whelp, StyleManager will tell you.  And if at all possible help you either align to a standard or just nuke 'em from orbit.  Random dwg content?  Yep, here it is.  Double-click, BAM! you're looking at where it is in the project.  

    Ever end up with a million ViewTemplates like "My View Template Copy (75)"? Ever try to remove a ton of them at once?  This will.  Not only that, it will tell you what View Types are using them, if any, and the views.  No Dynamo magic required. 

    Think about your billable time vs how long it will take you to resolve these problems WITHOUT this tool.  Yeah, no brainer on the ROI.  

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