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Ideate StyleManager Trial

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Ideate StyleManager addresses the challenges that arise when Autodesk® Revit® users import content into the model because the corresponding styles automatically come with the content. Proper management of these styles reduces publishing errors and end-user confusion, but the management process in Revit is time-consuming and risky, and errors can dramatically impact the models and production documents.


Use Ideate StyleManager to:

  • Safely delete styles that otherwise cannot be deleted or purged in Revit software 
  • Merge non-standard styles into standard styles 
  • Forensically analyze the usage of all styles to understand the true scope of a deletion 
  • Cleanup Object Styles, Line Styles, Line Patterns, Fill Patterns, Materials, Material Appearance Assets, Filters, View Templates, and Scope Boxes 
  • Understand which views are using which View Filters 


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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Trial Description

This 14-day trial allows the user to experience the analyze, rename, merge and delete functionality of Ideate StyleManager within the Material and Material Appearance Asset styles. Access to Object Styles, Line Styles, Line Patterns, Fill Patterns, Filters, View Templates and Scope Boxes is enabled with a paid subscription which can be purchased from

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About This Version

Version 2020.1, 7/10/2019
Fixes: Line Pattern bug fix: line pattern usage for custom object styles and custom line styles was not reported in some cases. Material bug fix: material usage for custom object styles was not reported in some cases.

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