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Coordinate Locator

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With this application, you can locate markers in any coordinate you need, in a fast and precise way. The points are marked with a new family instance, which can be our default marker (provided) or any family type that allows positioning in XYZ points (those which define its location with a location point). The application will automatically show you the types that are usable for your selection. If you use a user-created family, remember to analyse where the origin is located inside the family, the origin of the family will be located at the given coordinate.


You can input any XYZ coordinate, referenced on any of the three coordinate systems of the Autodesk® Revit® files: 

·        Internal Origin

·        Survey Point

·        Project Base Point


Keep in mind that Revit allows the user to rotate the coordinate system of the project related to the UTM origin (base point), so if you choose Survey Point as a coordinate system, use a view rotated to the true north if you want to check the values. Also, keep in mind that in a default file these 3 coordinates systems could be the same. You can choose to input your values in metric (meters) or imperial systems (decimal feet). Note that it is common that the survey point is located very far away from the project, so it might be useful to turn on the Survey Point element to navigate and locate the newly created elements. Revit has a limit of accuracy, so if you have geometric elements located at more than 32000 meters, the software starts to lose accuracy and you may experience visualization problems. There is not a problem in locating elements at coordinates in X and Z of more than 32000 meters, given that you don’t have elements located at more than 32000 meters of each other. Keep in mind that the views have a view range, so it could happen that the marker is created, and you just don’t see it in the current view.

Currently, available in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Arabic.

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Version 1.1.0, 9/20/2021
- Small bugs fixed - First certificate signed version. - Controls tab order fixed - Publisher privacy policy

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  • Need for Revit 2022
    Fady Fayez | February 26, 2024

    Is there any hope to use this plugins for Revit 2022 or any similar plugins?

  • Excellent app for a real daily issue in Revit
    Matias Ignacio Villanueva Abogasi | February 07, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This app is the perfect solution for something that Revit should have integrated by years already. Thanks to this app I'm able to work with coordinates precision in the elements placing. otherwise I need to do Lines in CAD and then bring it to Revit which is a kind of pain in the a....

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