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Family Type Exporter for Autodesk® Revit® is a powerful program that enhances the exporting capabilities of Revit family types. It offers a range of features to streamline the process and provide users with greater control over exported Type Catalog data.


One key feature is the ability to custom select parameters for exporting using an interactive data grid. Users can choose specific parameters they want to include in the export, allowing for a tailored and focused data set. Additionally, the program offers the option to bulk select all default parameters, simplifying the selection process for all required Type Catalog parameters.


With Family Type Exporter, users can delve into the internal data values for each parameter. This feature provides a deeper understanding of the underlying data, enabling users to make informed decisions during the exporting process.  View each parameter property for the IsReporting, IsInstance, IsReadOnly, formula value, header name, unit of measure, and discipline.  


The program also offers the convenience of showing the formatted Type Catalog header names, making exported data easier to read and interpret. Users can organize and sort parameters in any desired order, facilitating a structured and logical layout of the exported data.


To further enhance usability, Family Type Exporter allows users to filter and group parameters. This feature makes it effortless to locate specific parameters and provides a clear visual organization for improved data viewing.


Inspecting formulas is made effortless with Family Type Exporter. Users can easily review and analyze formulas associated with parameters, ensuring accuracy and enabling troubleshooting if needed.


Exporting data to external applications is seamless with the ability to export the data grid as an Excel file. This feature enables users to utilize the exported data in a versatile and widely used format.


Moreover, Family Type Exporter offers the capability to export all selected parameters as a Revit Type Catalog. This feature simplifies the process of creating catalogs and enhances the efficiency of sharing and managing data.


In summary, Family Type Exporter for Revit is a comprehensive program that empowers users with advanced exporting functionalities. By allowing custom parameter selection, internal data value visibility, organized and filtered viewing options, formula inspection, and versatile exporting formats, the program significantly enhances the efficiency and flexibility of exporting family type data in Revit.


* Video shows Family Type Exporter Standard.  Images shown are from the Pro version.  The upcoming Pro version exposes more API parameters for content developers.  Standard includes the ability to view: IsReporting, IsInstance, IsReadOnly, Formulas, Header name, Unit of Measure, and Discipline.  

About This Version

Version, 8/22/2023
- View all parameter properties in a data grid with custom grouping, filtering, and multi-level sorting. - Select parameters to export as a Type Catalog in the order of priority. - Bulk select all minimum required Type parameters. - Standard version in English Only. - Export parameter information to Excel for family auditing. - Export to Excel all Nested Family Types and parameter assignments

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  • Must have plug-in for anyone exporting data
    sky allen | August 10, 2023

    I would recommend this plug-in to every Revit user.  I have been using Revit for coming on a decade and the export possibilities that this plug-in enables are irreplacable. It is plug-ins like this that allow revit to function at its full capacity. 

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