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The IFC for Autodesk® Revit® 2018 contains up-to-date improvements on the default IFC import and export capabilities of Revit contributed by Autodesk and our Open Source contributors. 


While this app is not necessary for IFC support, it is recommended that users that depend on the quality of their IFC files download this app and keep it up-to-date, as new enhancements and defect fixes are added, for more information on IFC, please visit the building SMART website ( http://buildingsmart.org) or the Revit wiki (http://help.autodesk.com/view/RVT/2018/ENU/?guid=GUID-6708CFD6-0AD7-461F-ADE8-6527423EC895).

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About This Version

Version 18.2.0, 7/19/2017
General: •Added extra UI and functionality to make COBie IFC exports easier. Specific improvements will be detailed below. •TODO: Some of the new fields will be localized to French in a future release. New Export Functionality: •Allow curtain wall mullions to export as any supported IFC entity. •Allow families to export as IfcPile with corresponding IfcPileType. •Improve export of axis representations for structural elements. •When exporting schedules as property sets, individual schedules can be excluded from the export by setting the IfcExportAs shared parameter to "Don't Export". •(COBie) Add COBie Company Information tab in Modify Setup if COBie export is chosen. •(COBie) Add COBie Project Information tab in Modify Setup if COBie export is chosen. •(COBie) Improve entity naming for COBie export. •(COBie) Rename "IFC2x3 Extended FM Handover View" to "IFC2x3 COBie 2.4 Design Deliverable" •(IFC4) Improve export of material layers. •(IFC4) Modify Setup has an option to force triangulation only for tessellated outputs. Export Bug Fixes: •Allow exporting to IFC while using Collaboration for Revit where the default directory isn't local. •Better support for MEP type entities, that didn't always export correctly. •Correct the parameters of the directrix of some IfcSweptSolids. •Fix correct mapping of IfcBurnerType/IfcGasTerminalType and IfcElectricHeaterType/IfcSpaceHeaterType. •Fix creation of types for sub-entities of IfcDistributionCOntrolElement. •Fix offset problem when using the "Export Linked Files as Separate IFCs" option in locales where the decimal mark is not a point. •(IFC4) Correct names of IFC4 entity quantity sets. •(IFC4) Fix the name of IfcCommunicationsApplianceType. Import Bug Fixes: •Improve heuristic that decides the "best" material to export when we can only assign one material to geometry. •Stabilize GUIDs of some IfcOpeningElements. •Stabilize order of creation of geometry with multiple clippings and openings, to have consistent output.

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  • How can I check the Version of the installed IFC 2018?
    M. Steffan Noé | January 16, 2018

    Is there a way to keep me notified about updates without using the Desktop App. We are using SCCM and the Desktop App will not be used. Thanks a lot

    Angel Velez (Publisher) | January 17, 2018

    We currently send emails that you can opt out of receiving when there is a new version.

  • IFC MEP export
    Stig Elstad | August 07, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This version fixed export geometry in active view problem.

  • IFC export coordinates clarity needed
    Brian Renehan | June 04, 2017

    Dear Autodesk We as regular IFC users, require absolute clarity from Autodesk with regard to exactly how this plugin is exporting the IFC file coordinates. There are no clear answers on any of the Revit Help pages or this exports help files. From what I can establish, the IFC export uses the Survey point origin as the IFC export origin in an X, Y,Z, direction, and the internal origin and its rotation relationship to the Survey point is recorded in the IFCSite Local Placement (IfcLocalPlacement) information. Can you confirm is the above is correct? How does this relate to the IFCSITE elevation export setting? We request Autodesk please add this critical workflow information to the Autodesk Revit help files. We also request in the Export function: Users have the choice so as they can export the IFC file coordinates to the Survey point, Project Base Point or Internal Origin. This would also include what origin point is used for the IfcLocalPlacement. Other applications now have IFC origin options. This is vital for effective Site and Building Coordination. The project team can establish the workflow that suits them best. On IFC Import into Revit, we also need to have options on which origin point we use to import (Survey point, Project Base point or Internal Origin as wall as the IFC Absolute origin or IFC Local Placement). Try importing a Civil In-ground services file to MGA (Map Grid of Australia – Northing’s of 5,600km away) and see what kinds of results you get. Currently, we have to do other workarounds using other plugins and applications to resolve this issue collaboration issue. Building designers need to be able to work with Civil consultants using real world coordiantes. I look forward to your response. Thanks and kind regards Brian Renehan

    Jean-Daniel Daigle | January 30, 2018

    I have the same problem here. Do you had an answer?

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