Warnings and cleaning package

Warnings and cleaning package

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This application contains 11 useful tools for file purging and cleaning .

Purge CAD Drawings

This tool is designed to purge unneeded Autodesk® AutoCAD® files from Autodesk® Revit® model.It will remove the imported CAD and linked CAD drawings from your file.

Sometimes users link the same CAD drawing many times and this affects the performance of the Revit model. The tool will tell you about how many times you inserted the same CAD drawing. This will improve file performance and reduce the file size.


Purge Scope Boxes

This app provides more automation for scope box workflow.

The tool is designed to purge the scope boxes automatically.


Purge (Unplaced spaces / Unplaced Rooms)

Usually, the user needs to create room or space schedules to delete unplaced rooms or spaces.  This tool is designed to delete unplaced rooms or spaces without the need to create a schedule, saving the user a lot of time.


Purge Unused Filters

The tool is designed to purge unneeded filters from the Revit model.

This will be very useful when submitting files to the client the files will only include needed filters.


Purge Unused Parameters

The tool is designed to purge unused parameters inside the Revit model in order to enhance the file performance and delete unnecessary parameters.


Remove Duplicate Elements

This tool is designed to remove duplicate element warnings from Revit files.

This version will work with loadable families only.

The upcoming release will handle system families.


Remove Duplicate Mark Warnings

This tool is designed to remove duplicate mark warnings from the Revit files.

After running the command, select whether to remove duplicate mark warnings from: 

• Loadable families only.

• All selected families (need to select before running the tool)

After the selection, you can erase the mark value, or you can give the numeric value sequence.


Ungroup all Groups

This tool is designed to ungroup Revit Groups.

This will reduce the time used in ungrouping them manually so will save you a lot of time.


 Purge Unused View Template

This tool is used to purge unused view templates in an Autodesk® Revit® Model.


Batch Purge files location's

This tool is designed to purge unused project locations.


Purge unused views

his tool is designed to purge the views, which are not placed on sheet or not a reference view.


About This Version

Version, 5/24/2024
Update the tools to 2022 version

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  • Purge Unused Filters missing
    Andrea Mušić | March 07, 2024

    Hi, I cannot seem to find the Purge Unused Filters function:

  • useful
    Abdullah gabeen | September 28, 2020 Verified Download (What's this?)


  • Purge View Template
    Minh Son Nguyen | December 03, 2019

    Does the package include purge view template?

    BIM SOFT SOLUTIONS (Publisher) | December 06, 2019

    I will include it in this package in future. For now you can provide me with your Autodesk store email and I will send it to you for free.

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