Find and Replace Materials - Trial

Find and Replace Materials - Trial

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The Find and Replace Materials for Autodesk® Revit® plugin finds assigned materials in a project document and replaces them with other materials selected by the user. Multiple materials can be selected to be assigned to a single material. Additionally, material assignment rules can be saved to a CSV file within the “batch mode” for later use. 

This is a powerful tool for architects and BIM managers that are tasked with standardizing materials within projects. Visualization artists can also save on material setup time, by consolidating like materials before rendering.


  • Merges assigned materials to a single material
  • Merges material assets into a single material asset
  • Records multiple material rules for batch processing
  • Export/Import batch mode material rules to CSV file
  • Runs in Family Editor
  • Supports materials assigned to parameters
  • Supports painted surfaces
  • Supports system families
  • Supports layered families: walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, building pads, etc…
  • Supports parts (when material assignment does not follow parent material)
  • Supports integral wall sweeps (with some limitations)
  • Supports appearance, physical and thermal assets
  • Supports nested families in a family environment
  • Removal of materials from elements by selecting "<By Category>" as new material
  • Deletion of materials after replacing (accessed under settings menu)

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Version 1.4.2, 8/16/2020
- Licensing Bug Fix

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