HatchKit 4 Trial Edition 2019

HatchKit 4 Trial Edition 2019

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HatchKit 4 Trial Edition allows hands-on evaluation of HatchKit 4's fast compilation of custom fill patterns. 

  • view large, zoomable pattern samples
  • amend fill name, type, and orientation
  • create, edit unsegmented basic fills
  • duplicate fills
  • combine fills
  • scale, rotate or move fills
  • delete individual fills. 
  • purge all unused fills
  • import fills from external text files or from Windows Clipboard
  • export fills to external text files or to Windows Clipboard


HatchKit 4 Trial Add-in for Autodesk® Revit® 2019 connects to HatchKit 4 Trial Edition to:   

  • compile custom fill patterns from templates drawn within Revit
  • provide commonly required fills directly from QuickFill templates 

Trial Description

HatchKit 4 Trial Edition and HatchKit Fill Manager Trial provide a functional evaluation of HatchKit fill pattern creation, editing amd management.  




all custom fills compiled with Trial Edition are watermarked 

Fill Manager Trial fill import and export are disabled.

About This Version

Version 4.1.3, 9/13/2021
Revamped interface SHX font text QuickFill

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