Workshared File Notification

Workshared File Notification




This is an administrative app that allows a BIM Coordinator to control the usage of Workshared Enabled Autodesk® Revit® file. As a general rule, local file should be recreated daily. However, this is hard to enforce in a large company. Also, a normal user could accidentally open a central file.

This app helps to 

1. Automatically create a new local file if the local file is outdated

  • Local file can be recreated automatically
  • How many days a local file is considered old? It is set to 1 day. That is if a local file was created yesterday, and when you open it today, it will ask to recreate a new local file. You can change the 'number of days' in Config.ini
  • User can still open an old local file (On by default)


2. Prevent user from accidentally opening a central model

  • Confirmation dialog when a central file is opened (On by default)
  • User will not be able to open a central file (Off by default)


This app also shows localized message for Revit Chinese Simplified version.

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About This Version

Version 1.5, 5/25/2016
Updated for Revit 2017 and drop support for Revit 2013

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  • BIM360 Team
    Thierry Monteyne | April 18, 2017 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Cloud models will not open and get stuck on "Are you sure you want to open the Central Model?"

  • Potentially useful
    Alex Shovelton | November 05, 2014 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Edit: Issue below now solved. It would be more useful if disabling the ability to open a central file didn't also disable detaching from a central file. Creating a detached copy of a workshared file prompted a message about an out of date local file, followed by an incorrect schema error. When I then went to try again I found the central model had been deleted!!

    Lazcad Support (Publisher) | November 05, 2014

    Hi Alex, sorry for the bug. I couldn't replicate the issue here but I'll check with you for the detail soon. Also, when you're opening a Central file with the detach from central checked, shouldn't it prompt "Are you sure you want to open the Central file"?

    Lazcad Support (Publisher) | November 06, 2014

    This issue is caused when a central file is located in a mapped drive. Bug has been fixed and an update will be posted here soon once received approval from Autodesk. For now, if you're detaching a central file which is located in a mapped drive, click "Continue to open the existing file" when prompt.

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