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Atkore BIM Toolbar

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The Atkore™ Toolbar for Autodesk® Revit® allows you to import BIM models into your designs without having to leave the Revit software to search multiple websites for the products you need. Using Atkore’s  Toolbar simplifies project designs with easy access to Atkore product models. Within the toolbar, you’ll be able to find BIM families and models for Atkore’s sub-brands such as Allied Tube & Conduit, Columbia-MBF, Calconduit, ACS/Uni-fab, AFC Cable Systems, Kaf-Tech, Calbond, Calbrite, Cii, Cope, Eastern Wire + Conduit, Heritage Plastics, Power-Strut, and Unistrut.


Some of the toolbars main functionalities include: 


Access to Atkore product families 

Over 650 Atkore product families are available for import within the Revit Toolbar. Select the product and product type as well as the product category and category type and the toolbar will provide the corresponding BIM model. 


Library Manager 

The toolbar is completely customizable from one project to the next. You have the option to pick and choose which products and product categories you would like to import in the toolbar for each project. 


Contact Support 

The Revit Toolbar provides a direct line of communication via the phone number and email of an Atkore technical sales representative based on your location. You can ask technical and application questions to get more information on the products in the toolbar. 


Get a Quote 

Once you are finished with the design or project you can request a quote for all of the Atkore products used in the design with one just button.  


Immediate Feedback 

You can provide feedback to the Atkore development team regarding additional functionalities you want to be included in the toolbar and products as well as functionality errors. 

The toolbar syncs to our database ensuring that you have access to all the latest Atkore product launches. After the initial launch, the toolbar will automatically run in the background and can be accessed during any project. 

About This Version

Version 2.1.0, 12/2/2021
Includes advanced family manager that enables the creation of specialized cables and conduits.

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  • Easy to use tool for electrical products
    Ray Horner | June 11, 2021

    The Atkore toolbar makes it easy to find Conduit, Cable, Cable Tray, Fittings, Strut, and accessories all in one spot. It is also easy to use and takes advantage of many of the system family features to make drawing/designing easier on the end user. 

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