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ThreeDeltaTools - The View Collection is an add-in app for Autodesk® Revit®.


This latest release introduces DocumentViews to the collection, delivers improvements to the SelectionBox Browser and the Interactive View Range Control and offers full support for file-based workshared projects.


Document Views automatically manage their view name by applying a predefined naming standard driven by parameters and their abbreviated values. Create and manage view name standards based on parameter rules, parameter values and parameter value abbreviations. Streamline the process of a well-structured Project Browser views organization.


Easily implement an ISO 19650 naming convention for view names in a project.


The Selection Box Browser allows the creation and management of Selection Boxes and Selection Box design/modelling Views. Subdivide your model into named areas/volumes of interest to simplify design and navigate quickly within your model. Create modelling views – 3D, plans, elevations, sections to build and interact with, model elements in each Selection Box. Automatically keep and synchronize Selection Box View names, extents, parameters, and visibility graphics.


The Interactive View Range Control dynamically adjusts the view range of plans, sections, and elevations. Use the mouse and the mouse scrolling wheel and directly control the values of the view range. Apply the settings automatically with each value change and watch the live update of view on the display, no more edit view range dialogue from the Properties Palette.


Apply View Parameters to View Templates Bonus tool allows you to quickly apply selected parameters and visibility graphics settings of the active view to any number or type of view templates.


Discover how these tools help improve workflows, streamline, and accelerate design, rapidly navigate within your model, and focus on the details of your projects.


DocumentView Features

  • Define and manage rules for parameter driven, abbreviated value, view naming standards (PD-AV-VNS).
  • Define parameter values and abbreviations for DocumentViews.
  • Set property values for multiple views and create DocumentViews.
  • Modify parameter values using the properties palette and update the view name automatically.
  • Each DocumentView is automatically assigned a unique incremental identification number.
  • Select views with common parameter values and quickly convert them to DocumentViews.
  • Automatically maintain consistent view names with multiple team members and ease project management in a workshared environment.


Selection Box Browser Features:

  • Modern, Intuitive and Responsive UI based on Microsoft’s WPF
  • Create and Save within a project multiple Selection Boxes
  • Group Selection Boxes into logical and meaningful categories
  • Rename and Comment each Selection Box and Group
  • Add and automatically name Selection Box Views – 3D, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, structural plans, elevations, and sections
  • Update Selection Boxes and reset their extents based on the current element selection
  • Control the extents of a Selection Box using the Selection Box View Crop and Section Box
  • Delete Selection Boxes, Groups and Views when no longer needed
  • Control which Views Properties and Visibility Graphics will remain synchronized for each Selection Box, View, and Group
  • Cycle through and activate Selection Box Views with Previous/Next View buttons that are directly accessible
  • Use default settings for new boxes, groups, and views
  • Close Inactive Selection Box Modelling/Design Views
  • Hide/Show non-Active Selection Box Views
  • Grow/Shrink Active Selection Box


Interactive View Range Control Features:

  • Modern, Intuitive and Responsive UI based on Microsoft’s WPF
  • Supports the view range of plans, elevations, and sections
  • Controls Top, Cut, Bottom and View Depth planes for plan views using Offsets taken from the views level or Elevations from Project Base Point
  • Controls Far/Near Clip plane offsets and Section/Elevation Line position
  • Use the keyboard or drag with the mouse the view range areas and clip plane lines to adjust the values
  • Set an increment and use the keyboard or repeat buttons
  • Automatically apply the View Range settings to the view


Main use cases:

  • All Design Disciplines - Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Scan2BIM

About This Version

Version, 4/22/2024
Added support for Revit 2025.

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