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Let's face it! An accurate roof design is critical for your model takeoffs, roof plans, and elevations for your construction documents. The RoofCreator® application is an add-in for Autodesk® Revit® Software that allows advanced modeling of roofs in Revit. Though Revit itself has a native roof feature, it quickly reaches its limitation when trying to model real-world residential roofs. The RoofCreator application is a supplemental tool that allows the user the create advanced roofs which are created from native Revit roof elements. NOTE: This application does not operate on previously modeled Revit roofs unless they were initially created using the RoofCreator application.


Quick Features

  • Create and modify multiple pitch roofs with ease
  • Ability to solve roofs for multiple bearing heights.
  • Overhang and Cantilever support.
  • Quick and easy dormer modeling
  • Maintain Fascia Alignment for Elevations
  • Point Slopes and False Gables


The RoofCreator trial version is a fully functioning application. After downloading the app, you will have the option to take a free 30 day trial or to purchase. Activation codes are sent via email.


Trial Description

A new installation of our application will grant you a 30-day trial of the application. After 30-days, you are required to license the application using the built-in licensing mechanism.

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Version, 8/8/2022
Latest Release - Fixed Bugs

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