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Topo Align contains 5 commands to assist in working with topo surfaces or topo solids (2024+).

Align to Element

Pick elements (walls, floors, roofs, pads) and align topo surfaces / solids to either the top or bottom face with variable vertical offsets to avoid coincident surfaces if required.
You can also align topo surfaces / solids to individual edges and some limited support for aligning topo surfaces to families. There is still an early attempt at cleaning up (removing) existing topo points that are within the plan area of the element being used for the align. The results are mixed for very complex elements and some manual processing may still be required.


Align to Topo

Pick topo surface and a floor.  The points on the topo surface will be added to the floor so the floor ends up shaped edited.  In 2024+ the floor is converted to a region on the topo solid.


Points from Lines

Draw model lines and arcs BELOW the topo surface and use this tool to project them onto the topo surface as additional topo points. This is useful when grading regions of the site and you don’t want any topo surface manipulation beyond a given point. If the lines are selected from a closed loop you are asked if you want to remove the existing topo points within the plan shape.


Points along contours

Draw model lines as contours lines on levels/reference planes where you want to precisely control the proposed contour of the topo. Or draw the contours on a datum level below the topo and control the Z value of the points with the offset value. The command will prompt you to select the topo surface and then the contours lines. Topo points will be created along the model lines at the specified distances.


Points at Intersection

Add topo points to the surface when a selected face (e.g. wall, floor, roof, mass) intersections the topo. The command will prompt you to select the topo surface and then the face. Topo points will be created when the triangulated surfaces intersect.


Reset Region

This works in a plan view and will remove internal topo points from an edited topo surface and then copy the points inside the area picked from an existing topo surface. Effectively an undo edits for part of a graded surface. This will not reset boundary points. It is recommended that if multiple topo surfaces are used in a project that they are named to assist in picking them from dropdowns.

About This Version

Version 2.4.0, 5/12/2023
Added support for 2024 using toposolids instead of toposurfaces

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  • Good app!
    Geir Ove Torgersen | November 03, 2022 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Good app, but after upgrading to RVT23 the installer won't run. might be a issue on my end

  • Superb!
    Alejandro Figueres-Munoz | February 07, 2022 Verified Download (What's this?)

    It works as shown in the videos. Nice price!

  • login to Autodesk 360?
    Dam Tran Minh | May 17, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    my internet connection was lost and i can't use your tool because it's required me to login to 360, how can i use it without the internet? 


    Russ Green (Publisher) | May 25, 2021

    Its saves the fact that the license was checked in the registry so you only need to be online every 30 days. Did you successful run the tool before you lost the internet?

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