GRAITEC BIM Connect 2014 - 32 bits

GRAITEC BIM Connect 2014 - 32 bits




With GRAITEC BIM Connect,  Autodesk® Revit®  users quickly connect their  Autodesk Revit  models to the Graitec Advance suite and then optimize the design of their structures in accordance with U.S. and Eurocode standards, produce effective and error-free general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, BOMs, and NC files both for steel and concrete structures.


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Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Exchange Apps Store installer).

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About This Version

Version 2014, 4/12/2016

•    New GTCX file format stores more information: ACIS bodies, NC files, other files. As a consequence, with GTCX you can transfer any shape body: stairs (Advance Steel -> Autodesk® Revit® or Autodesk Revit -> Advance Concrete / Steel), sloped slabs (Autodesk Revit -> Advance Concrete/ Steel), trapezoid wall (Autodesk Revit -> Advance Concrete / Steel), roofs (Autodesk Revit -> Advance Concrete/ Steel), openings (Autodesk Revit -> Advance Concrete / Steel), curved beams (Autodesk Revit -> Advance Steel).
•    All changes made on concrete objects in Advance Concrete or Advance Steel can be transferred through the synchronization option.
•    For a better interoperability between programs, BIM Connect provides the export of the folded plates and poly-beams from Advance Steel and imports them in Autodesk Revit. All types of folded plates are included in this category such as: usual folded plate, conical folded plate and twisted folded plate.
•    GRAITEC BIM Connect has a new ribbon tab in Autodesk Revit, which gathers all the commands: Export, Import, Synchronization, Settings and About.
•    Information, like version, build, date or package, regarding the installed application, can be found in the ribbon tab of GRAITEC BIM Connect, by selecting the option: “About”.
•    Press F1 on the BIM Connect icon from Autodesk Revit -> Add-Ins. Using the default browser, an internet page will be opened which contains the latest information about GRAITEC BIM Connect.
•    More than 6.000 profile mapping lines, including profile rotations, were added in the specific database, GTCMapping.mdb: US profiles, Canadian profiles, UK profiles, Australian profiles.
•    The import time of the models into Autodesk Revit has decreased by almost 50%.
•    Curved beams with different rotations and/or offsets are imported with the correct properties.
•    Curved foundations are successfully imported.
•    Bent and curved walls can be imported using any format: GTCX or IFC.
•    Beam holes, used in different situations, are transferred using any format: GTCX or IFC.
•    Polygonal features for plates, created in Advance Steel, are transferred through GTCX in Autodesk Revit.
•    GRAITEC BIM Connect keeps the justification of the walls created in Advance Concrete or Advance Steel.
•    When usual concrete sections (rectangular, circular, square) are imported using any file format (GTCX or IFC), they are automatically recognized by the program and no mapping is required.
•    The intersected foundations under walls are imported through IFC in the correct position.
•    Improvements at IFC import regarding the concrete walls (position and openings).

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