BIMWERX - Draw Spreadsheet

BIMWERX - Draw Spreadsheet




This add-in allows the user to open a spreadsheet, using the .xlsx or .csv file format, and then to define a selection / region to insert into an active Autodesk® Revit® Drafting view by creating an external link (using DXF), then inserting it as an external link into the active Drafting view. 

There are many add-ins available that can import spreadsheets into Revit using Schedule views, which requires a parametric link to model elements, but very few (if any) that can insert any spreadsheet table data into a Drafting view using the methods mentioned above.


This allows the user to insert virtually any table region into Revit, which can then be placed onto Sheets.


The current version does not handle merged cells or images in spreadsheets.

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Version 1.2, 9/19/2016
- Improved error checking - Improved spreadsheet selection linking

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