Auto Modifying CB

Auto Modifying CB



The application automatically fills in the circuit breaker rating for each circuit according to circuit load. 


The normal action is modifying the circuit breaker parameter for each circuit one by one.


This app will automatically do the process.


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Version 1.0.0, 5/10/2018
Initial Release

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  • Helpfull APP
    飞 飞 | July 15, 2021

    Thanks alot for your great App. By the way,Can you support revit2020?

  • Great Program
    An Nguyen | July 10, 2018

    Mr. Lee Han Thanks alot for the great app. It saves me a lot of time!

  • nice program
    Ehab Abdallah | July 02, 2018 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Very Helpfull program.

    the program  run at all panel in one time, it would be more power full if there is option to chooce panel schedule one by one and then run the program

    thank you

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