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L4R Walls Editor Pro

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L4R Walls Editor Pro is an add-on for managing walls in Autodesk® Revit® that will help you increase your productivity and save costs. L4R Walls Editor Pro allows the user to automatically split walls into customizable groups of layers, adjusting the top and bottom offsets and also selecting the host for their elements (e.g. windows).


In addition, it contains a useful selection operation that allows the users to quickly select any walls according to several criteria: wall type, their location, exterior or interior, type of elements attached to it, ...

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Version, 6/17/2020
Added Revit 2021 support

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  • saved me time
    David Elms | July 09, 2020

    I've used it to calculate how many tiles I needed for a toilet with precision

  • Useful
    Mercedes Sánchez | July 06, 2020

    I got the measure of internals layer easily. But the best thing is to be able to get the wall back to the way it was before again.

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