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This Autodesk® Revit® plugin allows users who have subscriptions to coBuilder's ProductXchange system to work with their data from ProductXchange in Revit. The plugin allows the addition of product information (based on the available information in ProductXchange) to a Revit model, as well as its subsequent storage and maintenance as a part of the Revit model.


Users need to have a Revit model which corresponds to a workplace in their ProductXchange account in order to attach products to their corresponding elements.


The advantage of using the application is the consistency between your Revit models and the product information in ProductXchange which allows you to gain the maximum value out of managing this information in a single place and in a more robust and atomic way.


Note: The user needs to first 'Register' in our website- to use this plugin.

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Version 1.6.0, 12/13/2017
* Fixed product types translations

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