Lock-It with Password (User)

Lock-It with Password (User)

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With LOCK-IT(USER), all the items protected with a security password by LOCK-IT(ADMIN) will be totally safe. These items will not be allowed to be modified or erase by any mean. LOCK-IT is stronger than the PIN tool.

Keep your model safe from "accidents", deleted elements, modifications not approved, changes in standard elements, grids moved, levels moved or renamed.

LOCK-IT(USER) works together with LOCK-IT(ADMIN). In your working network, or if you send your file to someone else, LOCK-IT(USER) will protect your information.

LOCK-IT(USER) can't lock or unlock elements, but it will not allow you to modify or delete any element or view protected by LOCK-IT(ADMIN).

LOCK-IT(USER) will display a list with all the locked elements for your knowledge.

About This Version

Version 5.0.0, 11/3/2023
Updated for Autodesk® Revit® 2024

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