OCSL Family Rename

OCSL Family Rename

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OCSL Family Rename version 1.7.04 is a tool to rename Autodesk® Revit® Families and Types. It now includes system Families and Materials with built in text editing functions.


OCSL Family Rename provides a tool to rename Revit Families, Types and Materials within a Revit Project to meet your project naming conventions and requirements. It includes text editing functions to clear spaces, remove special characters, add a suffix or prefix or carry out text replacement. The results can also be saved to an external xml file and imported into another Revit project to repeat the process.


30 Day Trial version.

This software is limited as a 30 day trial license after which the software must be purchased from www.ocsltools.com if you wish to carry on using it.


The Trial License is limited to only renaming 5 Families or types at a time whilst the full version will do an unlimited number of families and Types.

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Version, 9/6/2016

Support or 2016 & 2017 plus export to XML files included.as included . 

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