UNDET Point cloud plugin for Autodesk® Revit®

UNDET Point cloud plugin for Autodesk® Revit®

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UNDET plugin enables Revit point cloud users to experience better visibility, increased control, and performance. As a result, modelling will be performed faster and more accurately.


Undet for Revit plugin features:

  • Dynamic view (orthophoto) tools to convert point clouds into dynamic views (orthophotos images) based on 3D point cloud data. UNDET dynamic views are lighter than point clouds and have an even better view and almost totally eliminate lag, which leads to a major improvement in modelling speed without changing any modelling habits or workflow.
  • 3D Model inspection tools to compare your 3D model to the point cloud to check for accuracy and generate reports.
  • Undet Browser Integration - Undet Browser integration for TWO WAY COMMUNICATION between 3D point cloud data in CAD models and 360-degree panoramic images.
  • Point cloud visualization management tools to rapidly see the finest details of point clouds.
  • Georeferencing tools to import point cloud files in-state / large coordinates system. Rotate & Move point clouds to the Revit axis or existing model.
  • Revit Views integration - Undet automatically reads active Revit view range settings to generate dynamic views (orthophoto) of section center; section forward view, floor and ceiling view limits.
  • Dynamic views (orthophoto images) export to DWG/DXF for further use and 2D vectorization.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Trial Description

7-day free trial.

About This Version

Version, 6/9/2021
Initial release. Additional Imperial units – Added option to change UNDET settings units between Metric and Imperial. Coordinate transformation – Improved move coordinate tool for easy Undet point cloud align to the existing Revit model. Dynamic image renaming – Added option to rename Undet dynamic images (orthophotos).

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