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Rockit™ Autodesk® Revit® productivity tools to assist model and BIM managers, and anybody using Revit with a massive collection of the most useful and productive add-in utilities on the market. Using Rockit Bulk Rename you are able to rename multiple views or sheets or anything! with one click using the powerful find & replace, suffix, prefix options. With parameters manager, you are able to quickly find the shared parameter you are after and bind it to the project or family, quickly rename or delete shared and project parameters.

With the project search tool, you can find anything within the project browser so simply like you are using Skype and searching for a contact, this functionality has been included into the object style and materials search, category search and publish tools. Family management commands. Publish to PDF (include sheet revisions), manage links, sheet creator, and so much more.

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About This Version

Version 2021.0.1, 5/5/2021
Compatibility for Autodesk® Revit® 2021. Features & enhancements added to Publish command. Including Export RVT & Cleanup options. Import dwgs into new generic annotation families command added. Improvements to Spatial Elements Manager. Scale Detailing command added. Features & enhancements to Project Search command. Improvements to Category Search command. Improvements to Link & Import Search command. Improvements to Arrowhead, Material, Line/Fill Pattern Search command. Improvements to Dimension Spot Label Text Font Search command including suggest name under rename option. Features & enhancements to Grids, Levels, Reference Plane, Scope Box Search command. Titleblock & Viewport Manager command added. Monitored Element Manager command added. Improvements to Rename Selected command. Combine text commands improved with separate command for Wrap & CrLf. Text Underline command added. Features & enhancements to View Template Manager command. Features & enhancements to View Filter Manager command including automatic naming & display of the number of times the view filter is used. Hide/Show category all views command removed, replaced by Category Search command. Select title blocks on selected sheets command removed, replaced by Titleblock & Viewport Manager command. Improvements to Schedule manager Excel Export/Import & suggest name under rename option. Renumber Sheet Views Alfanumeric command added. Improvements to Re-save a selection of Central Models command. Command Copy Workset Names Clipboard removed, replaced with Workset Manager command & 'Export Selected' option.

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  • Top Program
    Thomas Anstice | July 05, 2020

    Super useful export and model management tools!

  • Amazing program
    Ariel Rondinone | August 14, 2018

    So many useful tools for setting up projects, modelling & publishing Revit projects!

  • Great App
    Maggie Xia | May 04, 2017

    The most powerful and functional app for Revit I've used ever. It saved me a lot of time. I cannot imagine working in Revit without this app.

    Bernard Villarreal | June 07, 2017

    Does it allow for multiple view renaming? Example: From............ S302_1 S302_2 S302_3 To............ S303_1 S303_2 S303_3 I HAVE LIKE 45 OF THESE waiting for me.....

    David Rock (Publisher) | June 08, 2017

    Hi Bernard, Using the Bulk Rename command you could tick the option 'Include sheet numbers' then find '2_' replace '3_'. Or you could create a sheet schedule and export it using the Rockit Schedule manager, edit in Excel and then re-import to update the sheet numbers.

  • PDF Publish and renumber view
    Angela Wang | May 03, 2017

    Can't live without Rockit PDF publishing tool. It's very useful and creates a hyperlink email to the PDF. The renumber view tool renumbers views in the order you select. Every tool is so helpful!

  • Well Done Rocky
    Song Luo | November 28, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Very handy tools for time saving.

  • Model Management
    steve fox | November 07, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    The tools in here are really useful and logical. As a BIM Manager i was happy to see a range of tools to improve the Model Management of projects. If anything it could do with a little bit of condensing to focus on the 'gems.'

  • Awesome
    James Cannam | November 04, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    An awesome set of tools to help improve your workflow. One of the top Revit apps I've found, highly recommend giving this a go.

  • RockIt is a time saver!! Brilliant!
    Dani Ramiro | November 04, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Rockit is the most useful app for Revit that I have used. Some of the commands such as sheet duplicate and Bulk Rename (both available with Project Search) I can no longer do without. There are also so many hidden secrets such as you can copy a single view template from one model into another using the View Template Manager. There is even a View Filter Manager!

  • Must try
    Claire Liu | October 29, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    A must try plug-in app, the best revit apps I tried! So many useful tool to get you away from spending extra time find the command

  • Can't imagine using Revit MEP without Rockit
    Alfred Turner | October 29, 2013 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Very user friendly and so many great features such as; Project Search tool Bulk Renaming Useful exporting tools Link models tools

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