Truss Designer for Autodesk® Revit® is a Revit add-in that allows the automatic generation of flat truss structures and their subsequent incorporation into a project.


Trusses are not defined from their elements in a sequential manner. They are generated globally by thirty-two geometric parameters. The characteristics of the sections and materials are also parameterized.


The system allows the user different possibilities of modifying the parameters and their operation is, in turn, configurable.


When the user changes the value of any parameter, the program updates the truss and it represents dynamically its geometry and the values of each member’s length and weight per cross-section, per material, and globally.


This makes it possible to easily analyze the effect of the variation of each parameter and facilitates the optimization of the design.


The user can define new materials and sections and change the material and cross-section to each member at will (also checking its impact on its weight).


When the desired design is reached, it is inserted into a Revit project. The system allows the assignment of each section to a Family Symbol and the definition of the level, the coordinates of the insertion origin, its inclination in plan, and its scale factors in the X and Y axes. The same truss model can be inserted multiple times and under different conditions.


The add-in also optionally generates graphic files in DXF format, structured in ten layers and with automatic dimensions.


Truss models can be saved and reloaded whenever desired. The user can build his own catalog of trusses and generate new ones from it.


Truss Designer supports multiple viewing modalities. The thicknesses, colors, and texts of each member can be established automatically based on different criteria (with their corresponding legends).


The presentation of the different panels is also configurable. The help pop-up windows, confirmation requests and notifications, and the dynamic detection of elements with the cursor's movement are optional.


All these add-in customizations can be saved to configuration files and loaded at any time. The system internally saves the truss data and current settings and allows restoring them when the add-in is reopened.


All system texts are prepared in Spanish and English. The language change occurs immediately at the user's will.


A detailed user manual can be downloaded from


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Version 1.0.0, 12/5/2023
Initial version.

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