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Design Master Electrical RT adds electrical calculations to Autodesk® Revit® MEP.

One-Line Riser Diagrams: Automatically generate one-line riser diagrams from your Revit model. Customize the graphics to match your existing one-line diagram. Keep your one-line diagram synchronized with the rest of your project as your design changes.

Feeder Sizing:  Feeders are size automatically based upon the upstream overcurrent protection for a piece of electrical equipment. You have complete control of the chosen feeder size and can override it when necessary. 

Branch Circuit Sizing:  Branch circuit breakers and wire sizes are sized automatically based upon the connected load. You have complete control of the breaker and wire size and can override it when necessary.

Fault Calculations:  Available fault current is calculated for each piece of electrical equipment. The calculated fault current can be used to set the AIC rating for the device. 

Voltage Drop Calculations:  The voltage drop is calculated between each piece of electrical equipment. Feeders that exceed the maximum 3% voltage drop allowed can be easily resized. 

Arc-Flash Calculations:  Arc-flash calculations are performed at each piece of electrical equipment. An arc-flash schedule can be created that displays the calculated values. Arc-flash warning labels can be printed to be put on devices in the field.

The download is a free 30-day trial. The software is fully functioning during that time.

Design Master Electrical RT is available for purchase on our website for $400 / year. 

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version 1.2.1, 7/27/2017

See the Release Notes page on our website for a list of changes in each version.

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  • Finally a time saver for Revit
    Terry Jiracek | October 08, 2015

    If you are versed with Design Master for the Autocad side of Autodesk’s software the Revit version brings some much needed and very valuable tools from that software to the Revit table. The auto breaker sizing is a must for time saving as well as preventing in the field change order costs for the Revit default “20A” for all breakers that can sometimes slip though the final project back check. The ability to manually edit the breakers in the panels, base feeders and circuit sizes on calculated load is very useful. Also the ability to produce AIC calculations/ tables is a great checker for verifying panel values as well as real time voltage drop calculations that provide and quick back check real connected loads and distances. When the one- line portion of the program is available it will fill a very wide and much needed hole in Revit for electrical design.

  • A "Must Have" for Electrical design
    JAMES TATE | September 23, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This app takes up where Revit leaves off. Once installed, you can work within the Revit application (no exporting values to a spreadsheet or other software) to automatically size breakers, calculate wire size, feeder voltage drop, Branch AIC and arc flash information. There are options for "manual entry or adjustment" for just about everything imaginable. DM Electrical is working on a "riser diagram" feature. This application seems to be in active development and the team working on this app is responsive and already has an established history of electrical design software for AutoCAD. We are very pleased. There is certainly room for improvement, but this takes Revit years ahead of where it is now.

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