NonicaTab PRO. Advanced features.

NonicaTab PRO. Advanced features.


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Deploy your Dynamo Scripts in Autodesk® Revit® like a PRO!


NonicaTab PRO creates a new Revit toolbar with 3 profiles of 12 buttons each easy to customize with your Dynamo scripts and favorite icons. Profiles (Default, Beta, and Gamma) can be easily switched at runtime to use different sets of buttons.


The PRO version also allows you to import and export your NonicaTab PRO toolbars and share them easily. A file (.nonica) will be created in your selected location which you can use to import in as many computers with NonicaTab PRO installed as you wish.


What about the Dynamo packages? FORGET ABOUT THEM! If your Dynamo scripts are running well on your PC, they will run well in the importing computer. When you export your toolbars, NonicaTab PRO detects all the installed Dynamo packages required to run the scripts in your toolbars and they will be imported together with your toolbar. You only need to make sure that they are created or resaved in a Dynamo version later than v2.3.  


If you prefer to set up your own icons and scripts, the PRO version also has some features that you will love;

- Refresh All. Update all Dynamo scripts in your NonicaTab buttons in one click. All you need to do is to keep your modified Dynamo script in the same location with the same name as the selected button.

- Icons. Select any jpg or png image of any size and it will automatically be converted and included in your NonicaTab button. Extra set of icons of different colours included.


NonicaTab PRO runs Dynamo in the background and pops up any input window such as Data Shapes package input nodes. NonicaTab notifies in real time if the script was run successfully or with errors or warnings. You can also set your Dynamo scripts to run from keyboard shortcuts!


Important requirements to use NonicaTab PRO:

  - Internet connection stable is required to use NonicaTab PRO. Please, contact us directly for bulk or offline purchasing

  - Dynamo version from 2.0 is required. You can update your version of Dynamo at using the installer (.exe). Contact us if you have any doubt.

  - All Dynamo packages must be installed in the exporting computer to import successfully in other computers. Exporting can be done without packages installed, but they will be missed in the importing machine.


Nonica team is committed to its clients and users. Please, contact us if you have any doubt or need help to set up. We would be glad to help.


This is a premium Add-In for Revit developed by Nonica


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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About This Version

Version v1.0, 6/11/2021
- NEW: Import and Export of toolbars including Dynamo packages detection (Dynamo version later than v2.3). - NEW: Refresh commands to refresh button commands in one click (Modified Dynamo script must be in the same location with the same name). - NEW: 3 profiles (Default, Beta and Gamma) and selector with 12 buttons each, 36 buttons in total. - NEW: Settings panel to show the status of Refresh Command. - NEW: Selection intelligence in setup dialogs. Remember your last selected folder when adding your Dynamo script to buttons. - NEW: JPG and PNG autoconversion to icon required format. - NEW: dialogs to Dynamo loading progresses. - NEW: 55 green icons and 55 blue icons.

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  • The best APP !!
    Blanca Esteras | June 15, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I am using this app to implement my Dynamo scripts into my colleagues computers at office. It is great how easy it is to use and to share Revit buttons. I no longer need to spend time setting up different versions of Dynamo packages as this is automatically detected when exporting.

  • Fantastic app for Dynamo users!
    Gavin Crump | June 14, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    User friendly, intuitive and super handy for those working on the fly who want to access Dynamo quickly. The developer is super responsive and has been making great additions - switchable tabs is a big win!

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