Duct Hangers

Duct Hangers

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This tool is designed to place hangers along the (Ducts ) automatically.


Work Flow: 


  1. Select the desired Element.
  2. Click the Element hanger command.
  3. The Element Hangers form will appear.
  4. Select the hanger family type.
  5. Write the offset distance between hangers in mm.
  6. Select the upper level of the hanger or the tool will select it automatically.
  7. Click ok to get the result
  8. This tool will automatically place hangers along all the elements. 


The tool will do the following updates:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  1. The tool has many hangers’ styles.
  2. The tool can place the hangers along the elements Ducts automatically.
  3. The tool can place one hanger only on an element (if needed).
  4. The tool can select the hanger upper level automatically
  5. The tool will change the hanger size due to the change in element size.
  6. The tool will change the hanger offset due to the change in element offset.
  7. The user can choose to enter the distance between hangers in mm or inches.
  8. The tool can move the hanger to follow the moving elements.
  9. This tool can work with sloped elements.
  10. The tool can work with slanted elements.
  11. The tool can delete the hangers related to specific element when you delete the element.
  12. The tool can place the first hanger and specify the distance between the first hanger and fittings.
  13. The tool detects insulation and works with it.
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  • great tool
    Nada Wahba | septembre 01, 2016

    great tool which save alot of time and effort ..

  • Excellent tool
    Abd El-Rahman Hekal | mai 10, 2016

    This tool greatly helped me in saving time when adding duct hangers. I wish if the duct hanger family is automatically loaded to the project when using the tool for first time.

  • Practical
    Ammar Khlousy | mai 06, 2016

    it saves the time you will spend distributing your supports around the building

  • it doesn't work with me
    Hazem Helmy | mars 26, 2016 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    i follow the steps like in video but nothing happen so can some help me ?

    BIM SOFT (Editeur) | mars 31, 2016

    Dear Hazem, Pplease make sure that : 1. Duct hangers is downloaded from the below path https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5mtXR8YS1-9RDBQSWpnbFV5QVU&;usp=sharing 2.For confirmation place one instance from the duct hangers inside the model you will find it under duct fitting 3. Make sure, the visability for duct fittings is opened to see the hangers 4. Also please make sure you are selecting the upper level for the duct hangers I'm wating your feed back bim_s_s@yahoo.com

  • Good Tool need minor enhancement
    Liza Smith | février 27, 2016

    This tool need to load the hanger family automatically at the first time

  • Not Helpfull
    Sharath R | février 27, 2016 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    I downloaded the addin and installed, tried according to the video instructions, not happens, doesn't work at all. Tried using differtent hanger families, didnt work, tried many way's, spent almost a full day to make it useful but it all went waste.!!

    BIM SOFT (Editeur) | mars 16, 2016

    Please check the below: Download the new hanger family from under the below path and use it in the tool https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5mtXR8YS1-9RDBQSWpnbFV5QVU&usp=sharing 2. If the issue still exist place one instance from the hanger family manually inside the model Please , provide me with a sample of you model. I'm waiting your feedback

  • Works for Rectangular Ducts
    Dan Miller | février 19, 2016 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    It works ok, would be nice if a hanger was available for round ducts as well. Would also be nice if you could set it up for example, put a hanger within 12" of each fitting, and every 10'. The work around I do for rectangular is have it add just 1 hanger, then copy it along the line where you want them. Can place them manually using the duct fitting command, but It is not parametric with the duct you connect to - need to specify hanger width, elevation, and anchor elevation. For the price I can't complain, would like to see a round hanger option(hanger strap CL on the pipe to the ceiling), as well as the ability to manually add them parametrically, and have it automatically connect to bottom of duct, and place the hanger on the level above.

    BIM SOFT (Editeur) | février 25, 2016

    please send me sample for your Revit file to detect what's happning Download the new hanger family from under the below path https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5mtXR8YS1-9RDBQSWpnbFV5QVU&usp=sharing If the issue still exist place one instance from the hanger family manually inside the model Please , i didn't recive your sample I'm wating your feedback

  • Perfect
    Mohamed Saad | décembre 01, 2015

    Perfect The tool converts imagination to reality such as the real coordinated projects especially for contractor’s needs, and it easy and flexible during use. Note Worthy effort

  • Add Availability to read reference plans
    Andrea Robert | novembre 25, 2015

    the tool is promising and it need to add the availability to read reference plans beside levels

  • good version
    Muhammed Alaa | septembre 17, 2015

    version update 1.1.1 is a good update to this tool

  • Needs some improvements.
    Roberto Zenteno | mai 09, 2015 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Hello. I have purchased and it seams like a promising add-in. It needs improvements. 1. an option to use Metric or Imperial. 2. After applying Duct Hangers and they are erased to change the separations It will not re-apply or re-insert on the same segment of duct-work. Please update and will give a higher star rating.