BIMrx Core/MEP/Fabrication

BIMrx Core/MEP/Fabrication

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BIMrx for Autodesk® Revit® is composed of 3 products: BIMrx Core, BIMrx MEP, and BIMrx Fabrication. 

We built BIMrx to enhance and simplify Revit and BIM 360. Each of the modules is purpose built to allow you to get projects out the door faster and spend less time on low level tasks and more time focused on Design. BIMrx Core, MEP, and Fabrication are built to be a part of  Revit. BIMrx is built to streamline the entire BIM project lifecycle from views and model production to collaborating with stakeholders and project administration.


BIMrx Core is the foundation of the BIMrx product suite and is focused on project setup, model management, and documentation. With powerful commands and features that integrate with excel, project teams can create custom workflows that work for the entire team. BIMrx Core automates those manual, repetative tasks so that your teams can spend their time on the things that matter most. From setting up the views in your project, to managing excel data, to tagging your drawings, and creating print sets, BIMrx Core is built to work throught your entire project lifecyle. 


BIMrx MEP is a major assist to MEP drafters and modelers with its re-imagined set of commands and features, allowing Revit users to design, coordinate, and connect more seamlessly. The user is empowered to circumvent many of the common time-sinks and typical setup required to perform relative tasks and design in both 2D and namely 3D; saving the modeler hundreds upon hundreds of tedious clicks throughout the modeling process.


BIMrx Fabrication makes moving from CAD MEP to Revit FAB seamlessly, allowing users to quickly and powerfully manipulate their BIM data to produce proper fabrication detailing with features such as advanced modeling commands, hanger and sleeve placement, BOM and spool creation, renumbering and tagging, total station points, and more.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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About This Version

Version, 11/30/2021
BIMrx Core New Commands & Features Imprint - Convert/Link PDF/Excel/Word onto Revit Views/Sheets Revision Manager – Add/Remove Revision and create print sets Integrate with Cloud Manager – Automatically export PDFs and NWC’s (Full Features will be included in a future release of Cloud Manager) Advanced Parameter Manager – Duplicate diagnosis​ Improvements & Enhancements Tag Select Improvements Round trip data between Excel and Revit using Extract and Updates new Parameter filter settings Renumber – now includes renumbering alphanumerically. Bug Fixes NA BIMrx MEP  New Commands & Features NA Improvements & Enhancements Merge Circuits – Expanded to allow for the merging of entire panels of Circuits onto another Panel Kick 90 – An expansion of the previous Roll into Conduit command which now also include pipes and round ducts Reroute Under/Over & Reroute Around – Multiple Selection Bloom – Expanded to allow for blooming individual conduit connectors for electrical elements Sloped Piping​ Bug Fixes NA BIMrx Fabrication New Commands & Features Floor Sleeves / Wall Sleeves Automatically place sleeves for pipe/conduit/duct elements penetrating existing floors and walls BIMrx Sleeves include nested Point families for export to Total Station Hangers Fab Hanger Rod Length Adjustments (Hanger Rod Extension) Hanger Points Placement Hanger Point Placement now integrates with Total Station Export to CSV (also integrates with Hanger Array, APM) New Selection BOM Hanger Feature Selection BOM for Hangers Improvements & Enhancements Spooling Auto Dimension 2D views / Auto populating Item Number Tags & Spot Coordinates in 3D views Export PCF (for pipes) (Selection Updates) Select Start and End to define Spool Elbows Elbow command places Fittings intelligently Elbow Up always places a truly vertical run even on sloped runs Bloom Now functions on Equipment Bug Fixes NA

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  • Essential to Speeding Up Production!
    Chris Fercho | November 15, 2021

    I am happy we finally get to share the tools we have been using internally over the years to help our teams work with Clients to meet their deadlines!

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