LTM® - Landscape Terrain Modeller

LTM® - Landscape Terrain Modeller

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The LTM® plug-in contains:

Functions to modify floors and toposolids (from version 2024)

  • Create Sub Element by typing slope –a point out the start and endpoint.
  • Create Sub Element by typing slope – point out the start and endpoint with the endpoint on a different floor/Toposolid
  • Match Sub Element by aligning Sub Elements (with or without offset) in two floors(toposolids sharing edges.
  • Adjust Sub Elements – adjust all sub-elements in a selected area.
  • Match Floor/Toposolid to element
  • Match Point at Floor/Toposolid to element
  • Match curbs to element
  • Align surfaces
  • Convert Floors to toposolids, (Single object or all types in the model)
  • Sub Elements in Real Level – set the sub-elements in reel levels and not relative to the floor/Topsolid level.
  • InFill floor – Create/update a floor inside an opening on another floor/Toposolid.
  • Unify Slope – extending a slope between two points and a third point.
  • Match Floor to Grading – adjust the floor to match the corners of a grating.– Find Coordinate – creating a cross with coordinates at a specific coordinate.
  • Create Toposolids from annotations
  • Spot Elevation – creating Spot elevation on selected floors/toposolids.
  • Slope Texts – creating slope texts on selected floors/toposolids

Functions to create Filled Regions attached to floors:

  • Create a Filled Region – create a filled region with the same shape as the floor.
  • Clone Filled Region – clone filled regions from another view and preserve the connection to the floor.
  • Update Filled Regions – if the shape of the floor is changed all filled regions will adjust to the new shape.
  • Update by Selection – the selected filled region is updated.


  • Cut/Fill SubSoil - calculate cut/fill volume between floors and toposurface.
  • Surface soil balance, incl max cut/fill


  • Import Model Lines - import model lines from DWG, in the right level and line style.
  • Change style & elevation -  match line style and elevation.
  • Offset Lines – create contour lines between 2 selected lines.
  • Elevation texts – place texts on the selected contour lines showing the Z Value.
  • Elevation info – showing the Z Value or placing a text on the selected line.
  • Create toposurface – Create toposurface on selected model lines.
  • Toposurface to Floor – create a floor from the information in a Toposurface.-Building on Toposurfaces - Move buildings to the right level on the toposurface.


  • Sketch annotations will update automatically.
  • Sketch New Annotation - Create new Sketch Spot elevation, using the slope in the LTM Menu
  • Sketch Interpolation - Create new Sketch Spot elevation, using interpolation between two Sketch elevations
  • Sketch Slope – Insert text showing the slope between two Sketch elevations
  • Update Sketch Slope – Update text showing the slope between two Sketch elevations
  • Adjust sketch annotations
  • Place annotation 3D, automatically get the elevation from another object.
  • Sketch Annotation to floor - Convert Sketch annotations to a vertex in floors or Toposurfaces.
  • Commandbar for easier use of the sketch annotation commands.


  • Get colors to show the diffent slopes on objects
  • Get colors to show if the min/max is not complied
  • Get colors to show the cut/fill on the surface data


  • Objects on Lines – Insert Families along with a series of lines.
  • Convert splines to arcs.

The LTM® plug-in is a powerful tool for anyone working with the landscape in Autodesk® Revit®, allowing the user to unleash the full potential of Revit when it comes to landscape architecture.


Verzió, 2024. 04. 16.
News in LTM® version 7 • All function will work on floors and topo solids from 2024 • Dynamic sketch annotation • Slope can be in % or ‰ and can be written as number, e.g. 1/15 or 1:15 • Align surfaces will transfer the points from the selected topo surface/Topo solid into the selected floor/topo solid • Convert Floor to Topo solid (Revit version => 2024) Converting the selected floor to a Topo solid. • Surface Soil Balance, will calculate the different between the selected surfaces • Convert Splines will convert the selected Spline into ARCs • The sketch annotation command bar, make it easier to reach the functions • Annotations to Topo-surface/solid (Revit version => 2024) • Analyze, Soil Balance.


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