Naviate Rebar Extension 2019

Naviate Rebar Extension 2019

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Save time by automatically generating reinforcement in Autodesk® Revit® using the free unlimited trial of Naviate Rebar Extension for a range of standard concrete structures. Select the structural concrete elements to be reinforced, launch the appropriate tool, or select the automatic generation tool. Specify the parameters to be used when reinforcing the structure. The product supports concrete elements include beams, columns, continuous footings, parapets, pile caps, concrete piles, retaining walls, slab corners, slab openings, spread footings, wall corners, and walls.


The Rebar Extensions were originally developed by Autodesk but back in 2018 they asked Symetri to develop and maintain their extensions. These extensions work with Naviate Structure for Revit which is a Revit add-in to annotate, tag and number your reinforcement. In addition, you have our Rebar Numbering feature that allows you to find all equal rebars in your project. Number them and export to Excel, XML or BVBS file. All rebars from the project are contained in Rebar Numbering, including the Fabric Sheet(net) with a specific data just for them (net area, total area, net weight, total weight...). You don't need to go to Configure Reinforcement and specify your settings before using Rebar Numbering as you can specify your settings directly from the dialog by clicking on Configuration button.


In Naviate Accelerate you will find all the common specifications and features for your Naviate for Revit. With your chosen discipline on top, you will have access to the Naviate best suited for your work tasks and project planning. Naviate Accelerate comes as part of Naviate Structure, a set of generic features as Filter Elements, Color Elements, Edit Parameters and Publish and Export functionality that allows structural engineers work more efficient with Reinforcement and Structural Elements in Revit.



Note: This add-in uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


Verzió 19.1.1, 2022. 03. 16.
Latest version of 2019.

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